Month: March 2015

American Girl Kaya’s Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit (2015 Special Edition Set)

I knew I wanted this outfit as soon as I saw it. I realize that Kaya just doesn’t have much, but if we really want to split hairs, she wouldn’t have had much in the way of material goods if you keep her in her 1764 historical canon.  I do think Kaya gets passed over a lot, and it’s a shame.  She is a really beautiful and lovely doll.  I wasn’t a fan of her blue modern dress and I didn’t like last year’s pink one either until I saw it in person.   But I liked the red one better, so I bought that one first:

The Spring Break Kansas City Trip, 2015

My husband, Forehead, and I decided to keep spring break low key so got in the car and headed to Kansas City for a day.  We ate at Jack Stack, which made him happy, and I got to go to American Girl, which made me happy. The new photography kit that I’ve ordered has been held up in shipping, and I almost decided not to put this post up at all.  The lighting in the doll room is pretty weak, the backdrops are caught up in the shipment, and the doll room itself was an absolute disaster.  (Except for the spring break trip, I’ve been busy with my nose to the grindstone earning extra cash and so things like housecleaning have fallen by the wayside.)  I am no Martha Stewart and it shows.  I thought about putting this off until I’d cleaned up and the new kit had arrived, but I realized that as soon as class started up again after break I’d never get around to it. So here goes!

Lazy Sunday

This morning I woke up to a Treacherous Dachshund taking up my entire field of vision.  As soon as I opened my eyes and said his name, his tail started to wag and he started licking my face.  (This is an improvement from when he was a baby puppy and he would wake me up yanking on my hair at 3 am in the morning.) May I introduce Gustav: Named after the composer Gustav Mahler, he is two years old and does not realize that he is a dog. He thinks he runs the house, and about every three to four months he starts getting too big for his britches and has to be reminded that there is an alpha in the house and he is not it. Our other dog isn’t either, although…well, yes she is actually. May I introduce Aurora: Aurora is named after my favorite work for wind ensemble, Aurora Awakes by John Mackey. Anyway, it was a great Sunday morning with nothing to do and nowhere to be except relax with …