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New Integrity Toys Dolls for 2015

Pictures below from Integrity Toys.

My eyes got a little bit bigger when I saw the newest installment in the Jems and the Holograms collection–Lindsey Pierce, the video jockey with a heart of gold!

Behold all the amazing 80s hair!!!

Behold all the amazing 80s hair!!!

The hair took me aback at first, but they put so much 80s into this doll…she grew on me.  I think I just might order her.  However, with that hairstyle she really can’t be redressed in anything but the most outrageous 80s getup I can find.  Challenge accepted.

The winners for the latest W Club lottery, the ITBE dolls, were also selected today, and I am THRILLED that I was picked for the one doll I really wanted, Dark Side Anja.



I can’t wait for her to be delivered.

Those violet eyes!

Those violet eyes!

I’m really glad that I decided to be a part of W Club this year.  Even though it’s more expensive that Barbie Fan Club I’m really enjoying what Integrity has to offer…much more so than BFC.  This is the first W Club lottery I’ve taken part in.  I entered for another doll (Love Roulette) but Anja was the one I really wanted, and I’m totally stoked that I won.  The anticipation waiting for the winner’s announcement to be made was really half the fun.  Stay tuned for IRL photos as soon as Anja arrives…although it may take a few days for me to work up the nerve to debox her.

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