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Lazy Sunday

This morning I woke up to a Treacherous Dachshund taking up my entire field of vision.  As soon as I opened my eyes and said his name, his tail started to wag and he started licking my face.  (This is an improvement from when he was a baby puppy and he would wake me up yanking on my hair at 3 am in the morning.)

May I introduce Gustav:

Treacherous Dachshund!

Treacherous Dachshund!

Named after the composer Gustav Mahler, he is two years old and does not realize that he is a dog.

He thinks he runs the house, and about every three to four months he starts getting too big for his britches and has to be reminded that there is an alpha in the house and he is not it.

Our other dog isn’t either, although…well, yes she is actually.

May I introduce Aurora:

Imperial Princess, Empress of the Household, and Ruler of All Things

Imperial Princess, Empress of the Household, and Ruler of All Things

Aurora is named after my favorite work for wind ensemble, Aurora Awakes by John Mackey.

Anyway, it was a great Sunday morning with nothing to do and nowhere to be except relax with those two.   Gustav is always ready to play and Aurora is always ready to take a nice nap somewhere.  However, they are always up to mischief…

I was mopping the living room today (the entire first floor of my house is black ceramic tile, which I do not particularly care for but it’s a rental so there isn’t much I can do about it) and I saw Aurora and Gustav hunkered down between one of the couches and the coffee table, ready to strike.  Aurora in particular likes to pee as a revenge tactic, and they were both pretty miffed I didn’t give them a slice of my pizza for lunch.  There has been more than one time that Aurora has waited until the floor was freshly mopped to leave massive puddles, and so I put down the mop and looked for the leashes and took them outside to do their business.

Aurora was very annoyed that she didn’t get to succeed in her devious plan and I heard her grumble “curses!  Foiled again!” as we went out the door.

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