Aurora, IKEA
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Aurora, Forehead, and Ikea Furniture 

On our Kansas City trip our first stop was to Ikea.  I needed a display case for my fashion dolls and had planned to purchase this one:

…but after examining them in the store I ended up buying this one:

The green one had just too wide of a footprint for the space I had in mind, and the Detolf ended up being exactly what I needed (and that meant $135 more to spend for the rest of the trip)!

We get home, unload the car, and that is when our Cocker Spaniel, Aurora, finds a new hobby: sitting on the couch judging Forehead while he assembles Ikea furniture.

“You’re doing it wrong.”

“You’re putting that piece on backwards.”

“It’s going to break…”

After a half hour of this Forehead glared at her and demanded, “Haven’t you got anything better to do?”

She gave him an evil smile.  “Nope!”

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