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American Girl Kaya’s Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit (2015 Special Edition Set)

I knew I wanted this outfit as soon as I saw it.

I realize that Kaya just doesn’t have much, but if we really want to split hairs, she wouldn’t have had much in the way of material goods if you keep her in her 1764 historical canon.  I do think Kaya gets passed over a lot, and it’s a shame.  She is a really beautiful and lovely doll.  I wasn’t a fan of her blue modern dress and I didn’t like last year’s pink one either until I saw it in person.   But I liked the red one better, so I bought that one first:

002I will admit that I was worried that they’d silk screened on the embroidery or something but no, it’s really there.  I love, love, love that rich, vibrant red.  So let’s break it down:

049The dress itself.  I do like how you can layer the top on over this, gives it a little bit of versatility.  I did have a bit of a problem getting it on, but…my Kaya is fat.  She’s one of the early Kayas, and is a little bit more plump than the BeForever Kayas.  It almost made the waistband look like it was sewn on uneven, but it isn’t.  Your options are to 1) squish her in the dress anyway 2) take out some of her stuffing, which I wouldn’t recommend  3) get Felicity to lend her corset and stays.

Both of the ribbon trims are sewn on well, no gaps or wrinkles.

050I also had a bit of the same problem getting the top to fit her–it didn’t lay quite right–but it’s still manageable.  I usually never use the hair feathers because I don’t want them to get squashed, lost, or eaten by a treacherous dachshund so that stays in the package.

052051Each piece appears to be well made; no quality control issues on any of it.  (and for what I paid for it, by god, there better not be!)

053Her Fancy Shawl.  I love the embroidery pattern and the colors blend well.  There were no loose threads or gaps in the needlework.  One of the things I like the most about this shawl is that there is a little elastic loop at each end to put round each of her thumbs, so it stays put and doesn’t slide about.  I had to stretch my shawl a little taut to get it to go but it looks fine that way.  054055If there’s a weak link in this outfit, it’s the boots.  They are clearly a white plastic, and I really wish that they were a white ultrasuede-ish like fabric like her moccasins from her retired white Pow Wow Dress of Today.  But…I can roll with it…I suppose.  I just wish they’d done it differently.  At first I thought that the ultrasuede on her white outfit might have been too light to hold this embroidery, but THAT outfit has embroidery on it too so I suppose it’s a cost saving measure.  Grr.  Oh well…it can’t be helped.

058This is one of my favorite outfits they’ve made for her.

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