Month: April 2015

Fiorella, Redressed

When I first saw Fiorella upon release I did not like her outfit/accessories at all.  However, a Silkstone at that price point and then figuring in my BFC voucher off of that made it a price I couldn’t turn down and I ordered her at the first of this year. I still didn’t think too much of her when she arrived, as is evidenced by my general lack of care in photographing her straight out of the box: But then when I pulled off that awful dress, stockings, gloves, and choker and popped her into Delphine’s dress–WOW! Now I can see how much amazing potential Fiorella has.  I’m not sure about snipping off those black hairbows–because I know once they come off they aren’t going back.  Also, waving embroidery scissors around that wig makes me nervous.  We’ll see.

The Car Repaint Project, Part I

I’ll get straight to the point–I like Julie’s Bug. I do not like the full retail price. I realize that it’s gone on sale several times–but even at $175 (Cyber Monday 2014 price) I couldn’t pull the trigger…especially since Caroline’s Parlor was on sale for $150.  I couldn’t justify buying them both, and picked the Parlor instead.  I wouldn’t mind catching it on sale one more time…but be that as it may… Then my fellow friends on the doll boards starting talking about the Our Generation larger pieces–and one of them is a roadster for 18 inch dolls.  I was intrigued, and when my Target app said my local SuperTarget finally had one in stock I went to go check it out, and I LOVED it.