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Amazon + Mattel partnerships?

I’ve been hearing some scuttlebutt in the Barbie circles I run in that Mattel is going to go into a partnership with Amazon to offer their goods.

Today Cherry Pie Picnic and Little Red Dress both popped up on Amazon (nope, not a third party seller) and YES, they are available for Prime shipping!


Could American Girl be close behind?  

I sure hope so.  Free two day shipping?  Sign me up!  I have to say, my family purchases almost solely from amazon.  It’s so much better for me to order it and have it shipped than have to deal with the awful traffic where I live.  I know prime costs, but we order so much we save on the shipping costs alone.  And this means we could avoid AG’s idiotic IT department…which would be another bonus.  I’ll be interested to see where this goes.  

I know I’ve been radio silent for awhile, but we are ramping up into the last exams before finals and school comes first on my priority list.  ðŸ™‚  have to make a good finish for the semester!

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