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The Car Repaint Project, Part I

I’ll get straight to the point–I like Julie’s Bug.



I do not like the full retail price.



I realize that it’s gone on sale several times–but even at $175 (Cyber Monday 2014 price) I couldn’t pull the trigger…especially since Caroline’s Parlor was on sale for $150.  I couldn’t justify buying them both, and picked the Parlor instead.  I wouldn’t mind catching it on sale one more time…but be that as it may…

Then my fellow friends on the doll boards starting talking about the Our Generation larger pieces–and one of them is a roadster for 18 inch dolls.  I was intrigued, and when my Target app said my local SuperTarget finally had one in stock I went to go check it out, and I LOVED it.

I know OG gets dumped on a lot for quality and I’ve met AG fans who will practically have an aneurysm if you dare to suggest that anything about OG is good and/or comparable to AG.  I can see their point with the clothing items.  But the big pieces like this car and that elusive retro style diner?  I really, really want OG to succeed with this especially at this price point and hope that 1) they can actually keep these pieces in stock and 2) release more big pieces in the future.  We need some healthy competition in the 18 inch doll world, and with AG pricing themselves the way they have lately I can completely understand why moms of target aged girls will buy the doll from AG and then supplement the majority of her collection from Target.  I really want Our Generation to do well with large items that have good play value.

I decided to try recording my first video review.  Fool that I am, I didn’t think to put a doll in or beside the car, but I’ll take a picture with that as the repaint project progresses.  I will say it’s a tight fit–Isabelle’s eye level looked like it was even or a little bit above the top of the windscreen–and that was with the ragtop removed.  This car is smaller than the VW bug.

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