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Fiorella, Redressed

When I first saw Fiorella upon release I did not like her outfit/accessories at all.  However, a Silkstone at that price point and then figuring in my BFC voucher off of that made it a price I couldn’t turn down and I ordered her at the first of this year.

I still didn’t think too much of her when she arrived, as is evidenced by my general lack of care in photographing her straight out of the box:



But then when I pulled off that awful dress, stockings, gloves, and choker and popped her into Delphine’s dress–WOW!

Much better!


Now I can see how much amazing potential Fiorella has.  I’m not sure about snipping off those black hairbows–because I know once they come off they aren’t going back.  Also, waving embroidery scissors around that wig makes me nervous.  We’ll see.

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