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May 2015 Integrity Toys Release–My Picks!

So remember about how I said ordering with IT was so much easier and less stressful than trying to order something from a Mattel website?

I have to amend my statement: it is only easier when you are ordering dolls direct from IT itself.

For the non direct releases…you have to find a dealer.  Usually small, independently owned shops, some dealers take email wishlists, some put everything live and go first come first served…and some have priority lists of longstanding customers or collectors who commit to purchasing an entire line of dolls.  Some people on W Club are very tight lipped as to who they use as their dealer.  It’s like the drugs trade or something.

All of this was very daunting to me as a first time collector, but I manage to get all the dolls I wanted…and to go back and order a few more in a second round.  All photographs from Integrity Toys.

 It took a couple of seconds for me to warm up to Go See, but I think she has excellent redress potential.  There’s something really sweet about the way she looks here.  I dig her hat.

Out of This World Poppy was the last Poppy to be unveiled at webinar, and my first thought was “absolutely not”.  I think the huge dark sunglasses threw me off at first, but I’m a sucker for a pair of silver gogo boots.  She looks like an extra on the original Star Trek, or maybe Napoleon Solo’s newest squeeze on U.N.C.L.E.!  This Poppy ended up being my number one must have from the release, and the one I’m most excited to get.

My first Fashion Royalty, I loved the richness of the dress and the coloring of the doll herself.  I’m excited to break into this new (for me) line.  The fine caviar beading just sells the whole look for me.


I initially passed on Wedding Belle but decided to go on ahead and preorder her just from the first pose alone.  I think she will redress excellently, and that wedding dress will look great on a Dynamite Girl I have.

I am still up in the air on the Katy Keene line…the doll looks a little too much like Katy Perry for my taste.

I know all of my American Girl friends are excited about the summer/Truly Me release this Thursday, 21 May.  I initially made plans to go to Kansas City, but I think I will save that for the new Grace release in June(?) and the new Maryellen release in early fall.  After preordering five dolls (and contemplating a few more–I might not be done yet with this release!) on top of four other IT dolls that haven’t even arrived yet (LinZ, Groovy Galore Poppy, Mood Changers Poppy, and the Convention doll) I am afraid I have to be responsible (boo hiss) and tap out for now.  Just the thought of buying more doll items now makes me slightly ill.

Some other thoughts about the release:

It’s every doll collector for themselves when it’s not an IT direct release.  Being a newbie, I had no idea where I should go.  I emailed Windy City Dolls requesting information about IT preorders and a wishlist and never got a reply.  George from Couture Dolls made a very nice post on the W Club itself.  He did not take email wishlists and they also did deposits and something called FuturePay, which is essentially the same thing as a credit card–extending you a line of credit and every month you carry a balance it’s a $5 fee.  He also included a link specifically for W Club members to use before the sale went live to the general public.

Well, in a first for them–Couture crashed and was unavailable for an hour and a half.  During this time, I and a lot of other people on the board panicked and it was a mad dash to scuttle to other dealers who might have the dolls and try and check out.  This is when I curse Integrity’s plan to run this stuff through dealers–it is such a hassle, for God’s sake!–and I much prefer even the lottery system over this.  None of this scurrying about in a panic.

I ended up at Doll Peddler and to my dismay the owner had put a $30 markup on all the Poppy Parker dolls.  And that didn’t even include shipping, and it wasn’t a deposit…it was ALL up front!  By this time, the hype from the boards was making me think I might not get any dolls period–so I gritted my teeth and placed my order for Go See.  But then Doll Peddler OVERSOLD their allotment of dolls, including this release’s breakout star, Midas Touch–and there were angry collectors at W Club that got emails way after everyone else had sold out that some or all of their orders had been cancelled.  My order for Go See was confirmed, so I got lucky.  This made me feel really bad about ordering from them…and I don’t think I will in the future.  The upcharge plus the treatment of fellow collectors rubbed me the wrong way.  I’ll consider that extra $30 “tuition in the university of life” so that I know who to avoid in the future.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it.  We couldn’t figure out why Toni’s Collectibles was starting several hours after everyone else, but when I ambled over to see what I could see, I saw that they had marked up Out of This World and Midas Touch–the two must haves of the Poppy line–to $160 apiece.  (IT’s MSRP for those Poppy is $120.)  Ouch!  I don’t have any proof of this, of course, but I suspect that someone from that shop was watching other sites and the W Club to see what were the must haves…and marked the most popular dolls up accordingly.

I realize that a merchant has every right to set the price that people are willing to pay…but guys…something about that I just don’t care for.  I was planning on buying the Spy A Go Go doll that Toni’s has available, but now…I think I’ll just watch eBay instead.

I got lucky–I managed to hop on Couture’s website after it was fixed and completed the rest of my wish list.  George apologized profusely on the W Club and even extended the sale for Club members only, and once the site was fixed I didn’t have a problem getting what I wanted.  Their FuturePay option is a great idea for those collectors who want to place orders and then pay it off over time.  Couture Dolls made it right by me, so I’ll continue to use them exclusively in the future.

There were several dolls that I continue to watch and debate over if I should place an order or not.  I am surprised that the Katy Keene Gift Set hasn’t sold out yet–it was very popular at the webinar poll.

Picture from Couture Dolls

Picture from Couture Dolls–Everything’s Keene Gift Set

I like that gift set.  I really, really do.  But I’ve already ordered so much and I have to stop somewhere.  When I first saw the Everything’s Keene gift set, my first thought was that she was a Katy Perry look alike…or Dita von Teese.

Picture from

Picture from

I’ll admit…I’m jealous.  I want to be glamorous like Dita (but without the various-states-of-undress-on-occasion part).  And I would love to own glamourus dolls  like Dita.  I love the whole Katy Keene line, but whenever I look at it, I see Dita–which is fine–but I had never heard of Katy Keene before this release so I don’t have any frame of reference with the comic she comes from.

Another maybe is Shimmering Dynasty, from a Katy cameo in the 80s’:

from Integrity Toys.

Integrity Toys–Shimmering Dynasty Katy Keene

Obviously a bait for Jem fans, but honestly…I really just want the dress.

Let’s see, here are some other random thoughts about random dolls…

Integrity Toys

Integrity Toys–Peace, Love and Soul

GOD CHECK OUT THAT FRO.  I love her hair.  Darla is another one on the “need to scrape up the funds somehow” list.  Her outfit is just adorable and could work on any of the dolls in The Model Scene.

Integrity Toys

Integrity Toys–Midas Touch

Midas Touch is the first Black Poppy mold doll, and collectors went wild over her.  I didn’t stand a chance–she sold out in seconds.  What her prices on eBay will be I shudder to think.  I’m really glad to see that she was so popular.

Integrity Toys

Integrity Toys–Hippie Dippy 

Orders for Hippie don’t start until July, and while I am already suffering from doll fatigue I have a feeling I will really, really regret it if I let this one go.

Integrity Toys--The Camera Loves Her

Integrity Toys–The Camera Loves Her

This outfit sears the eyeballs.  It is unreal.  And I have to just stand back and appreciate how amazingly ridiculous and awesome this is.  This is definitely out there, everything from her clothes to her hair and her earrings–it’s nuts.  I’d love to add her to the collection…but we’ll see.

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