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All the delicious noms!

First I managed to track down the Luau set and the Barn Dance BBQ set from Our Generation at Target, and then Grace’s little bakery treat set came out as a store exclusive from American Girl.  So let’s get right to it, shall we?

I was very excited to take pictures and review the OG sets, which I found first.  However, I like outdoor light the best…which was a problem because we have had massive, record setting rainfall for the past several weeks.  As soon as the rain stopped and I went outside to set things up, it would start up again.  And it was like that, on and off, for days.  It felt like I was living in South Vietnam during monsoon season.   Heat and humidity always does a number on me, but I manged to dash out and take these pictures in between downpours:


098Finally the sun returned and everything started to dry out.  And it’s time to party!


My inlaws run on Guam Time, ie “the party starts whenever the hell we get there”.

  • Beverage with fruit and umbrella
  • Poster
  • Hamburger
  • Coconut drink
  • Two Shrimp skewers
  • Pineapple
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Watermelon Slice
  • Ukulele
  • Grass Skirt
  • One basket and two plates

This set is perfect for anyone who has Kanani…especially if they don’t want to pay the eBay prices for her collection.  I love everything in this set.  The food is very well done and the hamburger comes in difference pieces and not one clumped set!  The umbrella comes out of the beverage, and the flower and orange can both be removed from the coconut.

100The pineapple, banana, mango and watermelon were very well done.  I could barely see a plastic seam on the banana and no seam on any of the other fruits or kabob sticks.  My husband’s family is from the island of Guam (Chamorro).  When I married into his family I also welcomed a Chamorro doll into my collection and this set would be perfect for her as well as Kanani.    All that needs to be added is lumpia, keleguen and kadon pika.  I just need to figure out how to make the infamous boonie peppers…


I’m sure it’s a non alcoholic beverage…

The poster card is in English and French.



I didn’t really care too much for the hula skirt, but it’s well put together–at least, I tugged on it a bit and it didn’t feel like it was going to fall apart.  Honestly, I was more into this set for the food and drink pieces.


Thanks, Omnigrid!

I put each piece of these sets on my Omnigrid square so that you could get a good indication of scale and size.

104The ukulele is not pitched, but at this price point I wasn’t expecting it to be.  I may be picky but I’m not that bad.

106If I can find another one of these sets at my local Targets, I’m going to pick it up just so I can have more fruits and skewer sticks.  These new OG accessory sets seem to be going fast in my area, and I’m glad that they are proving to be popular.

Barn Dance BBQ Set

Barn Dance BBQ Set

  • Two hot dogs in buns (which are removable)
  • Three corn on the cob
  • Two paper plates
  • One pair of tongs
  • One bandanna
  • One basket of fried chicken
  • One doll sized harmonica (that doesn’t work, but again, I wasn’t expecting it to)
  • Two cokes
  • Horseshoe game with three shoes
  • Poster
  • Weber Grill

This set is another home run.  I see a lot of play value with this set, especially for summer scenes, fourth of July, etc.  I especially like the little touches like the red and white checked paper in the chicken basket.



The grill is pretty fun.  It’s pretty easy to assemble, although I had problems with the grate falling through to the bottom while I was trying to take pictures.  I think the ability to take the hot dogs out of the buns and the hamburger coming in pieces really helps extend the play mileage on this set.113

109I love how there’s a slight irregularity in the color on the cob, like butter has just melted on it.

110Once again, here’s the pieces on the Omnigrid Square for Scale:



115If you’ve picked up any of the OG Retro packs, that coke bottle will look familiar to you.  Hey, you can always use extra cokes in the OG Diner, right?

116The plates are made of a pretty thick paper–not quite cardstock, but it’s got a little bit of sturdiness to it.  The tongs also bend quite easily.  Fantastic set, I love it.

And now…



When I heard that American Girl had come out with a Store Exclusive set for Grace that was $18, I practically fell flat on my face in my rush to get some.  Even if you don’t live near a store, you can call any of them, ask to speak to a Personal Shopper, and they will take your order and dispatch sets to you.  You will probably have to pay for shipping but if there is no store in your state you will pay no tax.

These are the same items that are bundled in the waaaay more expensive pastry cart ($150) and French bakery ($500).  That’s why I think this is such a fantastic idea–even if you can’t/don’t want to pay the larger prices for the big ticket items (which I can totally understand), you can still have Grace’s bakery desserts for your own DIY setup.

On a scale from 1 (my half assed attempts at Fimo sculpted food) to 10 (Pippaloo), this set is a solid 9-9.5.  I love it, love it, love it.  I was so excited about it that I actually ordered two sets from my Kansas City personal shopper sight unseen–there were reports that they were flying off the shelves in DC and I didn’t want to get caught flat footed–and I found the pictures later.



I may have ordered two more sets on top of the two I already had later.  *embarrassed* Well, Christmas is coming, and I have nieces…(that’s the excuse we’re rolling with, anyway)

Behold the delicious, beautiful carbs.

Behold the delicious, beautiful carbs.

This is not helping me stick to my diet.

Giant raspberry macaron and death by chocolate!

Giant raspberry macaron and death by chocolate!

Complete with a little dash of powdered sugar.

Complete with a little dash of powdered sugar.

This makes me even more excited to order that bakery, which I am sure is a nefarious plot on behalf of AG…please, please, PLEASE keep doing food sets like this at a high quality and high detail for a reasonable price.  If these do well (and I do believe that they are), I really hope we continue to see stuff like this in the future.

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