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Our Generation Around the Campfire, Car Wash, and Explorers Set

Right.  Finished my final project in Clinical Methods in enough time to get this dusted up and out the door.

137 138 139Honestly, they keep impressing me with these sets.  They retail for $16.99 in my area, and let’s look at the campfire one first.

The Campfire Set

The Campfire Set

The marshmallows, s’mores, sticks, and hot dogs will look familiar to you if you own the OG Barn Dance set.  (And if you own the Barn Dance, Campfire, and the Explorer set you are going to end up with a ton of s’mores.  I will let you decide if that is a bad thing or not.)  The hot dogs and marshmallows can slide off the forked sticks.  The cookware (ladle, skillet and saucepan) is plastic and the lid is removable on the skillet.  The two sets (Yay!! Two sets instead of one!  Are you listening, AG?) of plates and cups are also plastic, and a very lovely robin’s egg blue they are too.

Familiar snacks.

Familiar snacks.

I don’t mind OG repeating these food snacks because they are so well detailed I don’t mind having extra.  I also like that they are coming in pairs because who wants only one food or place setting for their dolls?

Cookware and place settings

Cookware and place settings

Note the grooving on the skillet.  Nice touch and attention to detail!

The Omnigrid Square of Scale Returns

The Omnigrid Square of Scale Returns

I still haven’t figured out what to do about that stupid glare, sorry, sorry…

This is my favorite piece of the whole set.

This is my favorite piece of the whole set.

In my opinion, this campfire is worth the $16.99 for the entire set alone.  Why?  It’s detailed, it’s battery powered, the batteries are already in it (AA), it turns on when you press the button and has a nice warm flickering glow, but best of all–it doesn’t have a flipping timer on it!  You can turn it on and it will STAY on.  The fireplace in Caroline’s Parlor annoyed me to no end when it switched off, because as I was setting scenes and photographing them the silly thing kept switching itself off.  Yes, I know it’s to save battery, but it annoyed me.

I was planning to build my own Winter Chalet and needed a fireplace, but tracking down the one from Kaya’s tepee on the secondary market proved to be an expensive endeavor at the time I tried it.  Then I decided to try and order an extra fireplace from the Parlor (it was still in stock at the time) but I forgot.  $16 for a stack of s’mores and a fireplace that keeps burning?  Yes please.

Inside the Parlor.  Note how it doesn't QUITE fit...but it's close enough.

Inside the Parlor with flickering action engaged. Note how it doesn’t QUITE fit…but it’s close enough.

I’m pretty sure it will stay on until you turn it off.  My treacherous dachshund and I watched the campfire with rapt attention for nearly half an hour last night and it never shut off, so it will go for at least that long.  Or does a watched campfire keep burning…?

Our Generation Explorer's Set

Our Generation Explorer’s Set

You will recognize the sash and kerchief on Lanie in the previous post (where one end curled up like Dilbert’s tie).  When compared to the other two sets I think this is the weakest of the three, but the other two are fantastic and this one still has good detail.

Lanie is going to pop up again, just you wait

Lanie is going to pop up again, just you wait

…such as this bug jar.  It’s all plastic, and I haven’t tried to pry open the lid.

148The flashlight also works and comes with a battery.  There is a phillips screw that holds the top shut so that it can’t be unscrewed and battery swallowed (and if I could find my jeweler’s screwdrivers, I could tell you what size the battery is!  It’s probably a AAA though.)  The fork and spoon can fold into the swiss army-esque knife, and the water bottle is plastic.

I remember earning badges like these in Girl Scouts.

I remember earning badges like these in Girl Scouts.

I am really pleased with the embroidered detail on these badges.  I wish the fabric of the sash itself was a little thicker, but this is a great accessory.

More s'mores!

More s’mores!

At least they give you a box to put the pile of s’mores in that we’ve been accumulating.  The knot placard is cute, but that and the rope are just for looks.  It’s cute, but you can’t really do anything with that tiny piece of rope.

151The compass is not functional, and I found that the lanyard on it was a little too snug to put on my Lanie.  I didn’t want to crush her curls.

I'm sure if I washed the kerchief it wouldn't have that Dilbert upturn on one end.

I’m sure if I washed the kerchief it wouldn’t have that Dilbert upturn on one end.  Lanie, however, doesn’t seem to mind.

I am really hoping that OG is paying attention to GOTYs of years past and making items that will appeal to people who already own those dolls.  This is purely selfish on my part, but I love the chance to get items for my collection that work with retired and archived dolls I already own.  Sometimes I don’t want to deal with trying to chase them down on the secondary market.

Car Wash!

Car Wash!

This is my personal favorite of the three sets, because I can’t wait to use it to set up a scene with my repainted OG cars.  I might even pick up another set.  But when I compared this to the accessories you get in Julie’s VW bug set– a bottle of soap, a bucket, a towel, a window washer, and a piece of cardstock with an eagle on it–I like this one much better.  I mean come on, look at everything you get!

154Car shampoo, windex looking cleaner, AND windshield washer fluid.  Plus, the cooler has a little pink button to help it open and close.

Check it out!

Check it out!

The ice cubes fit inside the cooler.  It’s a bit snug once they are in, so you can add either the water bottle or the soda can, but not both.  Also note the stereo for the tunes.  It doesn’t play anything, but you can slide the smartphone in the little tray on the front.  (It took me awhile to wonder why on earth they put a smartphone in a car wash set until I looked at the stereo.)

156157I thought the glove sponge thingy was a nice touch.  Also, an air freshener!  It doesn’t smell like anything, but I’m sure a spritz of perfume can take care of that.

158The quality of the paint job on the smartphone is pretty poor–but I may have just gotten a bad one.  The sunglasses are also a little too snug on the face of my dolls.  The cap doesn’t come off the water bottle.

I think each of these sets is a home run, although you would probably get more play/display value out of the explorer set if you paired it with the campfire set.

…oh, and I ended up going back to the same Target where I found the garden gnome set for my friend.  I needed to get some supplies for the final project I needed to do for Clinical Methods, and I figured I might as well go and get my school shopping done and out of the way before August.  I am headed to NYC for a week and a half on Monday, and when I get back schools will either already be in session or pretty close to starting (some high school bands around here have already been in rehearsal for a week).

So I load up on school supplies and then think, “there is no way they will have restocked the OG aisle yet.  It’s only been four days.”  But I go anyway.  And then good karma comes right back to me.

Now Lanie is glad she didn't steal our friend's garden set.

Now Lanie is glad she didn’t steal our friend’s garden set.

I see lots of gnome shenanigans in this blog’s future…

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