Month: September 2015

Lori by Our Generation

I have to admit, when American Girl debuted the mini dolls and people would talk on the forums about their minis, I didn’t understand what the big deal was and thought the whole thing a little odd.  I simply did not see what was so interesting about them and thought it was downright weird, but I don’t have much leeway to judge someone else for a strange hobby.  Glass houses, et cetera. So when I started hearing gossip about a new line by Our Generation for minis, I was not very interested at first.  The mini fans, however, were over the moon and the topic kept getting discussed.  And then when I started seeing pictures and discussions of price points, I was intrigued.  Intrigued enough to check it out and ignore the tiny voice screaming in the back of my head that I can’t afford (in space or money) to invest in yet another doll line.