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Lori Ballet Studio

This piece deserved its own post.  I am ecstatic over this piece.

I was absolutely, completely and totally beyond gobsmacked at the detail of it and the price point.  Where to begin?  I’m not sure.

This ballet studio is $30.  Thirty dollars.  That’s it.



The hardwood floor is scored with tiny grooves, not printed, and textured to look like wood.  Four lights in the ceiling, which do turn on and work (although it’s a harsh, cold LED light and it doesn’t stay on for very long and it’s pretty faint–it’s the one weak point in this set but it’s a very minor one).  The barre is anchored to the mirror.  It’s a reflective sticker, so there are some bends and ripples but I think it looks fine.  There is a grand piano that plays.  I REPEAT, THE GRAND PIANO PLAYS MUSIC!  You can even lift the lid!  There’s a radiator in the studio!  A chalkboard is on one wall and chalk is included!

When you buy this and bring it home, the loose pieces are anchored down by plastic ties.  You may think that you can clip them all with scissors and save time, but I would recommend that you take the time to unwind them all and only clip from the bottom, or where you know you will have room for the scissor blades–I accidentally put a bit of a gauge in the piano bench in my carelessness.  They are tied down pretty tightly and you have to work to unwind those ties and get enough space for scissors to cut it.

As seen from above.

As seen from above.

I really like that this wasn’t in the form of a shadowbox–a square or rectangle.  The angle of that left side really opens up this set and gives it a more open, playable feel.

I love the design of this end of the set.

I love the design of this end of the set.


Here you can really see the detailing of the floor, and also the lights.  There are two on each side.  I was a little disappointed by how faint the light was but with all the other great points of this set, I can easily forgive that.

Your friendly and occasionally sober neighborhood doll blogger.

Your friendly (and occasionally sober) neighborhood doll blogger.

I took this so you could get an idea of how that mirror works.  For an adhesive piece, I think this actually works quite well.  On my studio, there are ripples on the right side, but fewer on the left, and the center is pretty smooth.  You might need to inspect one when you find it, because I can see how there would be variations in this.

Detail shot of the left wall, including radiator and chalkboard.

Detail shot of the left wall, including radiator and chalkboard.

This mirror is also fairly smooth and even.  The chalkboard is fairly generous in size (roughly 4×6 inches) for little hands to write on.  There is a mirror on each side of the chalkboard.

I really could see this being a great piece to take out and spend all day setting for a scene and taking pictures.  It’s got that much detail and classic lines.

I don't know why I'm so charmed by the radiator. Bear with me, folks.

I don’t know why I’m so charmed by the radiator. Bear with me, folks.

I have never been in any dance studio that didn’t have the radiator.  I just love this level of detail, especially since AG probably would have slapped a radiator shaped sticker on the wall and called it good.  *side eye at Maryellen’s Seaside Diner*

Speaking of level of detail…

Everything but the hammers!

Everything but the hammers!

I was almost speechless when I opened the lid on the piano (or that the lid could open at all).  Strings, markings, even the stick.  Well done on this piece–the piano alone is worth the $30.  The black ink on the keys doesn’t smear or bleed down onto the whites.  Very well painted.



Underside of piano.  It comes already loaded with batteries.  Whenever you press on the pedals, it will play about a minute of music.  It sounds pretty accurate for something in a dance class, and here’s a snippet:

Let’s see, here are some more detail shots:
211I like these lights…I wonder how much of a pain it would be to rewire these.  Probably more than I would want to deal with, but still…

212“Rehearsal will be over at 3:30, class…” Only the clock will never move!


Along with the chalk you get four of these pink plastic pieces.  These are to hold your dolls in place at barre, although I didn’t really have too much of a bother getting the dolls to stand on their own.

Clara demonstrates.

Clara demonstrates.

This girl needs some black leggings, stat.

This girl needs some black leggings, stat.

On to the dolls I bought.  This is Tama, and she reminds me of what my niece will probably look like as she gets older, so I had to buy her.  I am not a fan of the muppet skirt.  This is going to need to be replaced.  Immediately.

I like her sweater though.

I like her sweater though.

She has a very sweet face.

At the barre

Clara at the barre

The neckline of that pink bodice bothers me.  I think it’s too low.  The white coverup is anchored onto the pink bodice by some stitches, and she comes in pink plastic slippers and pink netted tights.

Cyarra at the barre

Cyarra at the barre

Cyarra’s tights are opaque white, with purple slippers and she’s got the Flashdance vibe going on with her top and off the shoulder leotard.


Bryn and Blaze in studio.  I love her red hair!


My reflection in the mirror aside, I love this set and think it has lots of possibilities for play and display, and you can’t beat the price.  I am already plotting to get my hands on that car…and maybe, just maybe, spraying that camper in chrome Krylon…what could possibly go wrong?

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