Month: January 2016

Our Generation Ice Cream Truck

My husband, Forehead, and I left town for Christmas.  We weren’t gone long–barely even two full days–but it was long enough for something bad to happen.  On the day we headed back home, it had begun to rain and continued to do so all day and into the night.  When we got back, there was a massive leak in the ceiling in the doll room, and I shrieked for my husband to come help me move everything out of the way.  He came crashing down the stairs because he thought I was having another heart attack, but it was much worse than that–both of my big ticket items were sitting right under that leak.  (Grace’s French Bakery and Caroline’s Parlor.)  The Parlor didn’t get any water damage but the Bakery did, and I was so crushed that after everything had been moved and the water mopped up I just slumped over in the floor and cried.  The damage to the Bakery was very slight and it could have been a LOT worse–you really can’t see …

Dark Green-Eyed Maryellen

Before the Christmas rush I sent off Maryellen and #61 to have an eyeswap done.  I am also thinking about buying a second Maryellen and doing an eyeswap with an extra Caroline I have, but the dark green eyes came first.  I am still curious to think of what Maryellen + those seafoam green eyes would look like, but my eyeswapper was taking a break and made an exception for my green eyed ME.  I didn’t want to impose on her generosity, so Seafoam Maryellen will be on a back burner until a later date.


I had been reading about the Syrian refugees in the news, but a special eleven part series by Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York broke my heart and added a human dimension to the human suffering and tragedy that has befallen that part of the world. Brandon profiled the stories of refugee families that had been cleared for resettlement in the US.  There are millions of refugees.  And the US is taking 10,000 of them.  That’s it.  In an interview with CNN, Brandon explains how the only people that even have a chance to be accepted for US resettlement right now are the ones who have a serious disability in the family or a PhD.  “That is how selective we are being,” he says.