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Dark Green-Eyed Maryellen

Before the Christmas rush I sent off Maryellen and #61 to have an eyeswap done.  I am also thinking about buying a second Maryellen and doing an eyeswap with an extra Caroline I have, but the dark green eyes came first.  I am still curious to think of what Maryellen + those seafoam green eyes would look like, but my eyeswapper was taking a break and made an exception for my green eyed ME.  I didn’t want to impose on her generosity, so Seafoam Maryellen will be on a back burner until a later date.

I have to say, with those dark green eyes I am quite pleased.  020

The more I get Maryellen out the more charmed I am.  She is really a gorgeous, gorgeous doll.  I think I’m going to have a lot of fun building her collection, especially now that I’ve entered a DIY mindset with regards to the characters.  AG doesn’t make it or it’s at too high of a price point for my personal comfort?  No big deal, let’s see what we can figure out.  It forces you to get creative.

In other news, the Canadian dollar is at its weakest value in decades.  I always try to buy Canadian when I can (my makeup kit is full of Bite, and on special occasions I treat myself to bath bombs from Lush–it’s too expensive for every day) out of love for my adoptive country, and last week I bought a yoga bra from Karma Athletics.  It was actually $14 cheaper to order the bra with shipping from the Canadian website than it was to order the same item from the US website and their free shipping.

I went on over to Maplelea to see if I could take advantage of the current exchange rate, but they charge so much for international shipping that it’s still best for me to wait and make a big order, and I can’t do that just yet for a couple more weeks.  I can’t complain because our Canadian friends have been dealing with the same hassles ordering from AG for years, but the more I look into Maplelea and their characters the more I think I want to add Saila and Léonie and their worlds to my collection.  I just think it’s so amazing that little girls from Nunavut can have a doll from their culture–Saila in particular is truly unique.

Maplelea has some, but not all, of their products available for purchase through US Amazon and under Prime shipping.  If you are considering ordering Maplelea products (which I encourage–I’ve ordered several outfits and liked them) I would recommend you check there first.  With some of the sample carts I tested, it was the same amount or cheaper to order some items from US Amazon.  If it’s not available there then place an order through the Canadian website, which is what I plan to do with several items like the Saila’s tunic outfit.  You’ll still save with the current exchange rate, but yikes, that international shipping is a killer.

I noticed that Saila is not available on US Amazon as of now but I’ve seen her there before–she’s probably sold out.  I hope that Maplelea sees that their products are successful on Amazon and arrange to stock more of their catalog there.


More to come tomorrow.  Thanks for tuning in, and as Red Green would say, “Keep your stick on the ice.”

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