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Maplelea: Nunavut Now

The next stop on the “Saila is Amazing” train is one of her outfits.  The tag inside the denim skirt says “Saila’s Denim Skirt Set”, but the listing on the Maplelea website and Amazon both call it Nunavut Now.

Saila Review 064

It’s a very versatile outfit, suitable even for dolls that don’t live in the Arctic Circle.  I really like the color palette that Maplelea chose for this outfit and Tunic Time.

Let’s break it down.  First, the shoes.

Saila Review 047

Remember: Maplelea shoes will not fit American Girl or Our Generation! Maplelea feet are narrower.

A dark blue denim shoe with white contrast stitching.  All the stitches are even and hold well, nothing skipped or loose.  There are no laces to fumble with, and I appreciate how the two straps at the front appear to be made from the same weave that shoelaces have.  I do have to say, it’s a real shame that Maplelea and AG can’t share shoes, because the detail in Maplelea footwear is outstanding.  I’d pick it over AG any day.

The blue sweater is nicely made, with cable knit patterns.  There are no pulls or pills in my sweater, and the stitching is sound.  The hood on the sweater gives it extra versatility in colder weather–this is an outfit I could get a lot of mileage out of.  The buttons are sewn down firmly.

Saila Review 051

The t-shirt and leggings are made from the same gray heathered knit fabric; but only the shirt has contrasting purple stitching.

Her denim skirt is also nicely made and serged on the inside.  Please click on the mosaic  to scroll through the individual pictures.  You really don’t want to miss the detail on the belt–I like the woven design and it reminds me of some real Inuit clothing I’ve seen.  I also like how the contrast stitching is the real thread that they use on jeans!  Construction of the skirt is outstanding–and you can see in one image the label with the different name that I described earlier.  The purple lining trim on the skirt is a nice soft corduroy feeling fabric.

Saila Review 063

Nunavut Now, sans sweater.  Of course, you can remove the leggings for a spring/summer look.

A photo of her at the tree:

Saila Review 069

I’ve purchased quite a few outfits by Maplelea at this point in time and enjoy all of them.  I was actually planning to conclude the post here, until I finally realized that I need to start showcasing these outfits on American Girl dolls.

I chose to use Chrissa to model Nunavut Now.  As far as waist size is concerned, she’s about right in the middle.  She’s not the skinniest doll but she isn’t Pleasant Company 1993 Samantha fluffy either, and for this reason I picked her to model this Maplelea outfit.

The leggings went on fine, and I could see a light sheen in the fabric that the shirt doesn’t have–some sort of elastic/tech fabric, I suspect to have more give and accommodate different 18 inch dolls.  Maplelea have legs, arms, and torsos that are slightly more slender than AG.

Here it looks like she’s wearing long underwear, but the shirt was able to go on with no problems.  The velcro looks a little puckered, like it’s pulling a little bit, but I was able to fasten the velcro with no problems.

With the skirt.  Now here is where the proportions start to look a little off to my eye, but YMMV.  I had to pull the skirt up to almost her underarms so that I could fasten the velcro and the silver snap on the skirt, and then gently tug it down to where you see here.  I think this is sitting a bit higher than her natural waist, but this was as far down as the skirt would go.  The bottom of the purple hem is right at her knee line.


For those of you with concerns about modesty, this is where her bum stops.  Please excuse the remains of my electric green nail polish on my thumb.

…and with the blue sweater on.  I put up the hood and even with Chrissa’s short cut I couldn’t really get all of her hair in there.  Maplelea hands are also more slender than AG, so I had to be a little careful getting Chrissa’s hands through the cuffs of the sweater, but it could be done.  The sweater isn’t too tight and is easy to get on and off.

On AG, the outfit does fit but something about the way that skirt sits keeps bothering me.  I don’t know if it’s where the waistline is on each doll in relation to where the skirt sits, or even the cut of the skirt and the stiffness of the denim.  When the sweater is on, I don’t see it as badly, and the more I look at it the more I get used to it so I’d be interested to hear what other people think.  If you do not already own a Maplelea doll in your collection…I suspect that $35 for this outfit (from Amazon, and eligible for free Prime two day shipping) is a little steep to just use the shirt, leggings, and sweater as separate pieces to build other outfits from.  You already can’t use the shoes, but if you have to put the skirt aside too, well…  Gray leggings and shirts can be bought on Etsy or made easily, so it may all boil down to how much is the blue cable sweater worth to you.  If the skirt isn’t a problem then I think the quality of the pieces make it a good buy even if you can’t use the shoes–however–I really don’t see how the older dolls are going to be able to wear that skirt.  To that end, I’d recommend this outfit with reservations for American Girl dolls simply because I can’t make up my mind about that skirt and value for money is important.  I do believe that it looks absolutely amazing on the Maplelea dolls for which it was made.

I’d be interested to hear what others have to say.  I also want to add, in this age of social justice warriors, that this is NOT a commentary on dress size or body shaming 18 inch dolls.  This is an objective look on how an outfit by one company carries over to the dolls manufactured by another.

I may have to take some more pictures with this outfit on Chrissa and the leggings removed or something.  Hmm.

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