Month: September 2016

I Spy, Costco Edition

“What are we going to do with two huge jars of olives?” demanded my husband, Forehead, as I put them in the cart. “Eat them, of course.  Besides you’re the one who took up all the fridge space with your vat of pickles two months ago.  And don’t even get me started on the minced garlic.” We bickered up and down the aisle with the coffee and turned the corner (“well if we have all those olives I’m making Cuban picadillo tonight”) to the aisle with all the boxed breakfast mixes.  And then we saw this on the storage shelf above our heads: It almost looks like a Wellie Wishers display with the flowers and vine designs on the side.  A good friend suggested that it might be a display holder for gift cards and I dearly hope that’s the case–I’m down to my last Costco card, and I desperately need more.   I wouldn’t say no to a Wellie Wishers discount pack either.  Looks like I’ll be obsessively stalking my Costco even more often …

American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide, Expanded Edition 

I was pawing through the piles of books at my local Costco when my friend who works in the prepared foods department snuck up behind me. “Don’t you ever go home??” he demanded. ¬†“You’re here more than me!” My husband Forehead and I do come to Costco quite frequently–it’s like our own version of Disneyland–and we always make sure to say hello to our friend (and our favorite sample person, Maurice, who could sell snow to the Inuit). Today I was there to see if I could find a copy of the expanded edition visual guide, and there was a nice stack of them on the table.¬†