Month: October 2016

Limited Edition AG Dress

A friend sent me this: I think it’s okay, and I wouldn’t mind owning it but rumor has it that the price point is $58.  If so, I’m out.  I’m sure that dress is some form of poly blend and if I’m going to pay a premium I’d rather have a dress made out of natural fabrics like silk or cotton from an etsy seller instead.  I’ve managed to live just fine without the previous holiday dresses and I’ll probably pass on this one too. 

Costco Sleepover Set 

Our Spoiled Spaniel, Aurora, was standing up in the front window when my husband and I returned from our Sunday morning Costco expedition. She squinted her eyes as she saw me walking up the drive.  “It can’t be.  It isn’t.  It IS!” She started to bob up and down with happiness and then vanished from sight. My Treacherous Dachshund, Gustav, appeared.  “What is it?  What?  What?  It’s MAMA!  And she’s got…” When we unlocked the door and went in, we saw that they had joined their front paws and were dancing together on their hind legs around the living room.  “SHE’S HOLDING A COSTCO CHICKEN!” Yes, the Costco Rotisserie Chicken, beloved by humans, spaniels, and dachshunds alike.  You can find more adventures starring Gustav and Aurora at my sister site, I’d also found the Sleepover Set. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to run out and buy an AG product immediately, as soon as I saw it.  This package is one of those.