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Costco Sleepover Set 

Our Spoiled Spaniel, Aurora, was standing up in the front window when my husband and I returned from our Sunday morning Costco expedition.

She squinted her eyes as she saw me walking up the drive.  “It can’t be.  It isn’t.  It IS!” She started to bob up and down with happiness and then vanished from sight.

My Treacherous Dachshund, Gustav, appeared.  “What is it?  What?  What?  It’s MAMA!  And she’s got…”

When we unlocked the door and went in, we saw that they had joined their front paws and were dancing together on their hind legs around the living room.  “SHE’S HOLDING A COSTCO CHICKEN!”

Yes, the Costco Rotisserie Chicken, beloved by humans, spaniels, and dachshunds alike.  You can find more adventures starring Gustav and Aurora at my sister site,

I’d also found the Sleepover Set.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to run out and buy an AG product immediately, as soon as I saw it.  This package is one of those.

A friend on a doll forum estimated this at a $72 value from AG, being sold at Costco for $39.  This is a great price point for what you get.

The sleeping bag is made of a really plush white microfiber and appears to be well sewn together.  There is no zip so you can’t divide it into a blanket, but there’s plenty of room for the doll.

It’s a bit big for a Wellie Wisher though, but I imagine you could make it work.

Kit, on the other hand, fits just fine.  The pillow is made of the same white microfiber as the sleeping bag, and it’s lined with an ice blue colored poly blend.

I normally like shooting in natural light best, but I really did not want to put this sleeping bag on the ground.

Bowl of popcorn and two glasses of pink drink with straw.  I am glad they included two glasses and not just one.
Doll sized book and magazine from American Girl Press.

All the pages are included and to scale.

Blue microfiber slippers with white felt heart accent.  These feel well made and I really like the elastic band at the back to keep them on the feet.
But by far the best little accessory by a mile is:

Honestly I would have bought the whole set for this doll sized box of Apples to Apples alone.  I love this part of the set.

The instructions for the game are included on a separate sheet of paper, as well as two stacks of red and one stack of green cards.  This set is 100% accurate to the original (and I would show you, but my human sized set of Apples to Apples is currently living at my university speech clinic.  We get a lot of mileage out of that game addressing speech and language goals).

The design is one I would have personally loved anyway–anything winter, ice blue, etc–but the pajamas are really well made.  There are a few layers of ruffle at the hem and I didn’t feel any stitches pull when I tugged on it.

Pajama bottoms with the winter theme.  If I had a target aged girl I would definitely buy this set for Christmas.

Modeling this set is Claire, a doll I bought to be an eye donor and then just kind of ended up staying after her green eyes were replaced with Marie-Grace eyes.  I told myself I was going to sell her to offset my expenses from the eye swap and that didn’t quite get around to happening…(once the doll has been named they aren’t going anywhere)

The slippers fit fine.

Since the arctic fox theme and color scheme just scream Saila, guess who also had to come check it out.  I also wanted to see if it would work for our Maplelea friends.

This pajama set also earns the Saila Seal of Approval.  No problems with fit or getting it on the doll.

The shoes, owing to Maplelea foot differences, are ever so slightly too short.  Honestly I was surprised they were able to go on like this–the elastic band helps.   Would a bother a younger, target aged girl who uses the doll for imaginative play?  I honestly doubt it, but YMMV.

I really hope this set starts showing up in Canadian Costcos for our Canadian friends.  Especially with the currency conversion not in their favor at the moment and international shipping a nightmare, this would be an excellent bonus for them.  If it doesn’t show up, we just might have to figure out some sort of smuggling ring on our own.  (“Will trade for Maplelea and Timbits”)

I’m thrilled with this set and I’m glad I was able to have a Costco in town to pick it up at.  I didn’t count exactly how many were per pallet, but I would guesstimate around 50-70ish per display.  The horse set is also back as well (I didn’t pay attention to this too much as I already have one horse).  Craft sets are also there…and that shipper on the upper shelf in the food section was still bound in its plastic wrap.

(I really hope it stays bound until I replenish my checking account, because I went overboard stimulating the Canadian economy this summer.)

If you don’t have a Costco membership I highly recommend finding a friend who does.  It’s a great set that stays under a $50 price point and it’s got plenty of play value with the snacks and Apples to Apples.  10/10 from me.


  1. Oh my gosh, I will totally set you up with Timbits and Maplelea!!! (My Maplelea collection is a bit out of control and needs a purge anyway.) Crazy fun fact, my great uncle actually named the Timbit.

    I was at Costco on Monday with Michelle and we saw that they did have the Nicki Megabloks set and an American Girl craft set. So we are getting closer to having great sets like those. Great review!



    • Girl, we will need to work something out! I need to go through my AG collection and downsize–maybe we can work some sort of swap, especially since it’s so bloody hard for me to get Maplelea products that aren’t available on Amazon–and retired products are next to impossible.

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      • For sure, if there is anything in particular you are looking for I would love to help. Michelle and I buy Maplelea lots off Kijiji and end up with a lot of retired and double of outfits. Send us a message on Facebook and we can chat.


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