Doll Collecting
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The leaks have been coming and you all know I’m already stoked for Tenney.

I’d decided to get Logan later in the year but then I saw this picture from agupdatenews:

Those eyes look like a new color to me, like a grey blue or a gunmetal blue…which just happens to be my eye color.  *groan* I’m going to end up buying multiples of these to use as custom bait.  I just know it. 

I had assumed that I could leave Felicity since I already have a PC with the soft eyelashes and the subtle copper hair.  But then I heard that she was going to have red highlights and a new light green eye:

I am trying to talk myself out of this because I already have 61 and I’m not sure there’s enough of a difference to justify it.  But as it stands now I want three of the new dolls: Tenney, Logan, and Felicity.  Send help please.

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