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Permapanty Nonsense, Cont.

Keeping this short because I’m going to start rounds soon:

One AGPT poster has experience in pattern drafting and says the problem is what happens when you eliminate the horizontal seam–which is a dart–in order to save fabric.  Thus:

So if it’s a construction change, they are all like that.
AG CEO stated in an interview that she wanted to increase access to get dolls closer to more girls, which means more selling at wholesale to places like Kohls, TRU, etc.  so now they have to figure out how to get more profitability off selling a doll at wholesale.  I guess we see the results here.

This whole fiasco has left me with such a bad taste that I’m thinking maybe Tenney.  No Logan, and no new Felicity.  The only reason I’m jumping on Tenney right now is because the first run has been stated by AG to not have the permapanties (but who knows how accurate that is).  How annoying to plan a special trip to AGKC and not even know if I’m going to find a new release doll in a quality I’m willing to buy.

How can you make such a mistake like this?  Mattel’s ineptitude is like a fungus, invading every line they own.  


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  2. I’m like you, I had plans of purchasing some of the new stuff coming out, but now I’m like “nevermind!” This is a fail of epic proportions. It didn’t have to be this way.


  3. Deanne Clark says

    I would not own one of these monstrosities if AG paid me…my daughter is really upset.


  4. My daughter is upset about the permapanties….she says the new shape(which looks cheap) looks like a boys front. 😕 What were they thinking. I have three daughters. 2 don’t have dolls yet….If they keep this up we may switch to a company with higher standards.


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