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The Great Permapanty Debate

So AG is changing the design of some of the doll torsos to have permanent underwear.  This has lead to fast and furious debate in doll circles.  Cost savings?  The results of the expansion into Dubai?  Not wanting to pay the Gotz patent?  A modesty issue?  Preventing any hanky panky with Logan, the first boy doll?

I’ve been watching the debate and this is what worries me: that it’s an attempt to save cost/skimp on quality and the start of a slippery slope.  We’ve seen clothes sewn into cardboard like doll clothes from OG sold at a fraction of the price.  What next?  I was thinking of them changing the plastic cup/metal ferrules that hold the limbs to the torso in some way.  Surely they didn’t change just the underwear.  Something else is going on.

I’m still not sure if there is or not, but then a poster on AGPT got one of the permapanty dolls and this is the backside of the female doll:

What the hell is this.

Now what does that look like to you?  Another commenter said “well of course it looks like she pooped her panties, she can’t get them off!”

My mind had, alas, gone elsewhere (because I am a horrible person) and I wordlessly handed my phone to my husband to get an unbiased opinion.  His eyes got really big and he said “….that looks like a dong!”  Which is exactly what I was thinking.

Friends, when the backside of the female doll looks like the front side of a Calvin Klein male underwear model we got problems.  (This was my observation about the issue that I posted on AGPT.)

I have been sitting on the couch of contentment as far as buying new AG dolls is concerned for quite some time.  I stopped counting once I passed 50 and there just isn’t a need for me to own every variation of every doll and every character ever made anymore.  But this a absolutely seals it for me.  Tenney and Logan will come home with me on Saturday and I have absolutely zero problems with never buying another AG character again if this nonsense continues.

The drop in quality at this price point is beyond unacceptable.  

At least there’s always Maplelea.  But guys, look at the squishiness of the vinyl:

A friend told me they had to change the vinyl to comply with EU regulations.  I could see this happening, but nevertheless–this looks bad.

So my plan of action on Saturday is this.  Pull out Tenney and Logan and make sure I get ones with removable underwear.  I don’t care if I have to pull apart their packaging to do it.  And then I’m done with buying AG dolls.

It’s Maplelea or nothing from now on unless AG backtracks immediately.


  1. It’s shocking! Your post and photo captions did have me laughing out loud. Do you have any of The Girl for All Time dolls? I’m wondering if their vinyl is similar since they are a Euro brand.
    Gosh, I’m so disappointed.
    Nothing looks more becoming under a leotard than a man package on your butt.

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    • You know, one comment on AGPT said that if vinyl formula was a problem why aren’t Gotz heads like that? I have a suspicion this is a change to cheapen the product but sell to us at the same price…especially since the new CEO wants to increase wholesale distribution (TRU, Kohls, etc).

      I don’t have any GFAT dolls but I have had my eye on Clementine for awhile. To me she looks like Emily should have.


      • And a change in vinyl could mean that it’s not an heirloom product, but rather something you consume and toss. I still have my Barbies, but Brianna’s last about a year before a leg falls off. And she is not a little kid.

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      • I’ve seen other rumblings about how Monster High and Ever After High (I don’t follow or collect these but I have a cousin who does) have been going through design changes that cheapen production cost and quality and both lines have taken a huge hit as a result. Fans just won’t buy and will turn to secondary market customization for their new fix, if they don’t quit the line completely. What was that saying about making the same mistakes but expecting different outcomes again?….oh yes…Failure.

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  2. Honestly, my thoughts went directly to where yours did looking at that photo. Not good. In fact, absolutely terrible!

    I follow Toy Box Philosopher, she has reviewed many of the fashion dolls (most recently Monster High) and the really weird thing with many is that the heads are filled with glue. I can’t imagine if that starts happening with American Girl.

    Do Paolo Reina dolls have squishy heads? If not, then i don’t buy the EU specifications item. If they are then I might give AG the benefit of the doubt.

    Thank you for these photos and your well thought out post.

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    • I’ve never run into any Paolo Reina dolls in the wild, so I honestly can’t say.

      If AG goes to a rooted head instead of a wig (which would give us the chance to get heads full of glue like MH)….yikes.

      I’m still outraged that they are trying to put one over on us like this while blocking and deleting Facebook posts and users, but now honestly I just feel more disappointed than anything else. I was FINALLY super excited about an AG character and product again. I was saving my money all last year for a music character. And now this. Will I ever have reason to feel excited about another release? Feels bad.

      My husband and I are debating visiting Toronto for a short time this summer. I am seriously considering taking an empty suitcase and stocking up on Maplelea product (+Timmies). International shipping can be terrible.


      • Gabriela was growing on me. I like that her story is based in Philadelphia. I’ll have to pick up the book(s). And i saw some leaks of the new Beforever release – finally real colors (still too many clothes for Kit, and I can’t imagine Rebecca really playing in a white dress even with a navy pinafore). Yes, just as disappointed as you are.

        Jealous! My hubby probably wouldn’t stop to shop for Maplelea, but Timmy’s is the best!


  3. Catherine Hohn says

    I see a run on TLC ebay dolls for body swaps. And/or a quick walkback of the stupid permapanty idea.

    I have Gabriela and her vinyl is not squishy, it feels the same as my other 12 AG dolls (and 1 Maplelea, Leonie), thankfully. She also does not come with perma panties (although the panties she comes with are really boring and plain and powder pink, I’ve already swapped them out for a pair of Maplelea panties). What PantyGate means for me is that I probably will be buying more Maplelea dolls and fewer AGs for future custom characters (apart from Nanea and Kaya).

    And for the curious, Maplelea dolls can also wear Journey Girl shoes and Kids and Cats shoes too, although most AG shoes are too wide for their narrower feet. Clothes are cross compatible.


    • When Pantygate broke out I placed a big order on Amazon for the stuff I wanted that they only had a few left of. I really hope they start stocking the Maplelea Friends dolls on Amazon.


      • Catherine Hohn says

        I hope they do too! I also really hope they start stocking the Cowichan sweater again on the main Maplelea site (now that I’m working on a custom character who is a modern Coast Salish girl from here on Vancouver Island, she needs that sweater LOL), The millisecond Maplelea does a spotlight bundle on Saila, I’m ordering her (that’s the only reason I haven’t added her to my dollhouse yet).


  4. Daisy says

    Although the vinyl formula might have had to change to fit toy safety regulations in another country or region, there is no need for a doll to have squishy vinyl to be sold in the EU. I live in the UK and have various 18″ and similar sized dolls including A Girl for All Time (hard and completely unsquishable), Kidz and Cats (just like A Girl for All Time), Our Generation (not completely hard, these dolls are sold widely in the UK and are marked as passing toy safety regulations) and Argos Designafriend (low cost 18″ dolls sold only in the British Isles, also not squishable).

    If you asked me what material AGAT and KnC dolls were made of without any information I would probably guess hard plastic, rather than vinyl, they are that rigid.


  5. Kaylyn Grace says

    Huh. I just got TM #55, and she has permapanties. I was really upset when I first saw them, but they aren’t droopy! That really surprised me. My doll does not have a squishy face, though. I think that the quality of AG dolls are going down in quality. The doll’s body is a little smaller than my other doll, Julie (I call her Izzy).
    Luckily, I am not going to buy another doll. I still LOVE my new doll, but AG is going down in their quality. Your blog is really cool!


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