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Permapanties, Part III


Part II of Pantygate.

Part I.  

Note: I got really fired up about this when this post originally was made.  Usually I don’t blog whenever I get that worked up over something (I’ve learned the hard way I need to sit down and think about it before I start running my mouth) and after having an hour to sit on it, I toned down the language and altered the post slightly.  I was prepared to write off AG completely, but after talking to calmer heads I’ve decided a more prudent course of action is to continue to wait and see how the situation unfolds.  There are still many issues I have a problem with; and  I am watching closely to see what happens.

So AG has currently been posting this all over their Facebook page.

So, shall we review?

American Girl’s Facebook team is saying a doll that was purchased by an AGPT member at their Orlando store was altered by that member on purpose or it’s not a real American Girl doll.

The photos that are being circulated suggesting otherwise are either altered or not of American Girl dolls.”

What is going on??

Before all this hit the ceiling this was my shopping list for this weekend.  Remember, I have been saving all my extras for awhile up to this point.  I was completely prepared to purchase:




Tenney’s studio

All of Tenney’s outfits

Logan’s drum kit


Pet and other odds and ends

I would not have been surprised if I would have cracked the $1,000 mark on Saturday.


Here is my list for this weekend.


Drum kit.

Maybe the guitar.

And y’all, I’m not even sure about that anymore.  I truly think after this boneheaded fiasco I am honestly done purchasing direct from American Girl.  I am just gobsmacked that things have gotten to this point.  Redesign the torso, squish the vinyl, cheapen up the doll, delete and ban posters and threads on facebook and then call us liars about the entire thing?

I have fallen in love with Tenney.  But they lost out on hundreds of dollars in sales from me not only from Pantygate but how their employees handled the entire thing and treated customers, some of whom have spent thousands of dollars over decades.

I don’t know what else to say about this.

I guess we’ll see what happens as this situation continues to develop.

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