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Thoughts on Pantygate

Well, that is a title I never thought I would have to type.  The fact I have to provide chapter links for friends just showing up to the party is mind boggling to me as well.

Pantygate Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

After a few days to mull over Pantygate, I have decided that

  1. I do not want this recent development to completely spoil my weekend trip to KC for Tenney’s release, something I have been looking forward to for a long time;
  2. I am still planning to purchase Tenney and maybe Logan (I keep waffling on him) because I have been assured by multiple sources that they won’t have the permapanty/Ace Ventura backside.  Since Pantygate blew up, I do not feel comfortable purchasing more at this time.
  3. I would like to quietly inspect the merchandise at AGKC and speak with employees there to do my own little data collection as to the state of the quality with the products on the shelves at that store, at that time
  4. I am going to decide what I am and am not willing to purchase direct from American Girl and why.  I am taking cost, quality, and the state of their customer service into consideration.

I do hope that American Girl and the purchaser of the infamous doll in the photos and video will connect and come to a resolution acceptable to both parties.

To be honest, I have been inching along with #4 for awhile.  Decisions that were clearly made to cut production costs has made me think that selective purchasing is the way to send the message here as to what I find acceptable to buy or not.  I have been branching out into DIY and exploring offerings from other companies and cottage industries on the secondary market for awhile now and so even if this latest controversy hadn’t happened, I was already sort of headed in that direction.

Curious to see what happens at Kansas City this weekend–just two days to go and the new releases should go live tonight.

Housekeeping News: I’ve had more time to slog through the pile of AG, Maplelea, and secondary market items that I’ve been piling up and preparing them for photoshoots.  Cirque du Soleil outfit from Maplelea arrived today and it’s fantastic.

Thank you for joining me here this evening, and I’ll check in with my trip report hopefully on Sunday.


  1. I look forward to your trip report! For me to to buy or not buy decision isn’t huge. I have probably spent about 75.00 at AG this year plus Lanie via eBay.


  2. thefisherfool says

    How much is shipping on Maplelea orders? I like their outfits, but I’m scared of the shipping cost, I have to figure out how big of an order will make it worth it. Thank you!


    • I haven’t ordered shipped direct from Maplelea yet, but I vaguely remember reading a post from someone else who did and I want to say it was somewhere in the $40-50 range…but I am not sure. If you live in the US and want the order shipped you have to call them to complete the order, you can’t do it from the website.

      I have been ordering their products off Amazon (free two day shipping with Prime), but you need to be careful that you are buying them from the actual “Maplelea partnered with Amazon” listings (does that make sense?). I’ve noticed that there are third party vendors with separate listings charging the items at a severe markup (you can get rid of most of these listings by checking Prime Only in the search box).

      The only problem with this is that I have noticed Maplelea stock on Amazon sells out fast and they don’t restock as often as I would like. It’s pretty low right now.

      I have also placed an order and picked it up directly from their warehouse in Newmarket, Ontario, but I was already visiting the Toronto area last summer so it was an easy side stop to make. I’ve been desperately wanting that curling set, but have been waiting to place a large order to make the most of that wretched shipping charge.


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