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Tenney and Logan, Unboxed

I had originally planned to get both Tenney and Logan at Kansas City on the Saturday of their release, but reports of Logan flying off the shelves on Friday gave me pause.  Hearing that this first batch were the only dolls guaranteed to not come with permapanties made me panic.  Surely there will still be enough Tenney, I thought, and contacted my Personal Shopper at AG Chicago to pick out and ship me a Logan.  I consider the shipping I paid for him a “peace of mind” fee, especially since my PS said she was sure they would sell out of Logan on Saturday at her location.

I think the ends of my Tenney’s wig are a little dry and there are more flyaways than I am used to.  The smell of the vinyl of a doll just out of the box is the best smell ever, and I am sad that these are likely the last dolls I will purchase from AG if the permapanty issue is not addressed.

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I think Tenney is gorgeous, and I am sure that she is getting renamed “Taylor” in many households. There is a very thin spot on the side of her wig (where that little twist is held back, on the opposite side of the head from the curl) where I can see her wig cap easily.  Based on the way she was tied down in the box, I didn’t see it in store.


The raw edge of the skirt bugs me but I like the embossed pattern.

I have seen people complaining that the face paint on Tenney scratches off easily. I tried gently rubbing the lip paint on my Tenney with the pad of my thumb and then lightly scratching my thumbnail against the lip paint.  It didn’t budge but I also didn’t force it very much.  (I have also seen people complaining, with pictures, that Julie’s Bathroom tears really easy and as a result I have scratched that from my wants list.  I urge you all to be educated and informed consumers!)

The Taylor guitar.  It’s an ingenious thing, and even though I didn’t have the correct sized batteries for it this is still a great piece.  The strap is removable just like the real thing and the tuning pegs can be turned!  The strings are also real wire that is quite thin.  Now I am really excited to purchase the banjo with that free shipping offer.

Much to my annoyance and chagrin the Spotlight Outfit was sewn into the cardboard insert.  I like the boots and the headband, and I didn’t have any glitter fallout when I rubbed my thumb against the surface.  However…something about that top bothers me.  I was afraid it was going to be a really cheap, scratchy lace but it is actually quite soft–but I think the pattern of the lace is too big for scale.


I had a bit of difficulty getting the hands through the cuffs of the sleeves.  I could totally see a young child getting frustrated and running Tenney’s thumb through the lace and tearing it.


LOST: High quality 18 inch doll torsos with horizontal derriere seam.  If seen please contact American Girl, 8400 Fairway Place, Middleton WI

The Spotlight Outfit sort of disappointed me–it looks great in promotional photos–and I would not purchase it again unless it was offered at a discount.  The skirt went on over the bum with great difficulty–the waist was just too dang small.  Could it be because the permapanty dolls are a smaller size and the skirt was designed to fit that?  Your guess is as good as mine, since I haven’t seen a permapanty doll in the wild.

Something about the cut of my lace top is off and it wears in an odd way on the doll as a result–I’m not sure the photographs can relay it accurately (you should be able to click on one of the tiled images above to bring it to its full size and resolution in a new window).  I was also thrown by the little upside down V at the bottom of the velcro on the back.  Logan’s shirt has the same general cut, but Tenney’s lace top was so tight on my doll I could barely fasten the velcro.  Is this another cut corner to save fabric?  I don’t remember other AG Tshirts having this problem.  I know my Maplelea shirts don’t.


Is this new or has it always been there and I just missed it (entirely possible)?

If I am willing to overlook the too tight waist I like the skirt of the Spotlight Outfit just fine.  But I definitely feel like I overpaid for that outfit and the fit issues are concerning to me.  I’m considering calling them tomorrow and asking for an exchange–maybe I just got a lemon.

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I immediately took off the Spotlight Outfit and instead put my Tenney in this ensemble from Modern Doll World on Etsy.  I loved the patterns on the leggings and the look of the outfit.  They also sent me the outfit in a cardboard box with each item carefully wrapped in tissue paper.  I’m really pleased with the quality and fit of the outfit and how it looks on Tenney.

I decided that if I passed up on Logan now I was going to end up regretting it really badly down the road…especially once he starts coming in permapanties.  The moment I saw his “Play Loud” shirt I immediately fell in love.  YAAAAAS.  I have spent a long time in collegiate band, and I always enjoyed seeing what shenanigans the drumline comes up with.  Especially on away games, sitting on the drumline bus is a sure bet for nonstop entertainment.  I will be interested to see what our cottage industries will come up with for Logan (I am expecting a Ben Davidson outfit to show up at some point from somebody).  A tux with tails?  A three piece suit?  A pork pie hat?  The possibilities are endless.  The Logans I saw in KC had their bangs pressed flat against their heads, but this fellow has a gorgeous swoop of bangs going straight up and back.


Even though his hair is short I don’t see any of his wig cap.  I am also dying to try and figure out a way to make a to scale marching snare with carrier or marching tenors.  If that is too much of a pain, a bass drum should be loads easier…hmmm…

I was able to squish Logan’s head, but just barely and I had to squeeze around his temples.  The quality of the vinyl is definitely different though.  Also another point to mention was that his arms seemed to have a lot of give in the joints.  They were tight, and I could elevate his hands and they would stay there, but they sure seemed to be a lot more fluid in the joint movement department than Tenney or any other doll I own.

I would love to take off his head and check the way his joints are strung, but gosh, I can’t do that because his head is zip tied on.  Spiffy.  This permapanty business has made me wonder if they’ve messed with the white plastic cups and copper ferrules that keep their arms and legs strung, but I’m not sure I want to do minor surgery on my Logan’s neck to remove that zip tie, replace it with a proper neck tie thread, remove his stuffing and have a peek.  Not less than 24 hours after I removed him from the box, at any rate.

Logan and Tenney were great purchases and I’m glad I got both.  I may end up exchanging or returning the Spotlight Outfit; and I’m also going to keep my eyes peeled to see what others have to say about that particular item.

Housekeeping Notes: I have been having issues lately with my Canon DSLR not being on speaking terms with its drivers on my computer.  I have also realized that taking pictures, batch watermarking them, and uploading them from my iPhone takes a whole lot less time than shooting with the Canon (which involves editing/watermarking the images with photo software) so I can post more often and in a more timely manner with the iPhone.  The photos don’t have the same quality as the DSLR, of course, but I’m wondering if that even makes a difference when WordPress has the images that are embedded in the actual post at a lower resolution than what it was shot in.  (If you click on the DSLR images in past posts, it will load it in a new page in its full resolution.)  I’ve been researching more advanced ways to use WordPress and see if this is an issue I can fix from my end.  Right now I am thinking of using the iPhone for product reviews (especially for new releases) and taking time to stage detailed creative shots/photoshoots with the DSLR.  This should increase productivity time immensely.



  1. Enjoyed the reviews very much. Gosh, I just can’t get with these sewn in outfits. I don’t even like them from OG at 1/3 the price. What’s with the Velcro now going all the way down? Probably in danger of snagging the permapanties!
    I read on an iPad so I’m seeing your pix even smaller. iPhone works for me as a reader.


  2. The velcro thing is not at all new. AG has been doing that for years. I completely agree with you on Tenney and Logan. They’re beautiful dolls. I think all of Tenney’s outfits are way overpriced. As much as I love them, I won’t be getting them unless they go on sail. I got Tenney’s banjo and it is awesome. The strings can be tuned just like the guitar. I can’t wait to get my rewards from Tenney and Logan to get the guitar.


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