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Abby Williams and Liberty German of Delphi, Indiana.

Friends, I know this isn’t doll related…but it’s really important.  This has been under active investigation for a few weeks now and I haven’t heard anything about it on my local news media, and I live in a fairly populated area.


Left: Abby.  Right: Liberty.

Monday, February 13 2017.  Delphi, Indiana.  A day off from school, Abby (13) and Liberty, or “Libby” (14) are dropped off at a hiking trail where they live by a family member.  The family member shows up at the time and place the girls were to be picked up, but the girls never arrived.  They were reported missing that evening.  Their bodies were found in that park the next day.

I never realized how many young women and girls go missing until I started watching missing person documentaries (like Investigate: Disappeared) and reading the Websleuths missing person forums.  It happens all the time.  But what is mind boggling about this case…is that Libby was able to record video and audio of their assailant!

Here is the website to the Indiana State Police with pictures of the girls, images of the suspect, the tipline to call with ANY information and a chilling recording of the voice of the suspect saying “down the hill“.  I think I can hear a slight /g/ sound before that, so he could have been saying “go down the hill.” (or “g’down the hill”).  

Libby takes two pictures that afternoon on the Monon High Bridge on the trail system and uploads them to her Snapchat account.  One of them has Abby in the frame.  It’s the last picture of her alive.


Some of the data on the phone shows a man in a blue jacket and jeans walking towards them in the background; this image of the suspect is released to the media.  The Internet gets to work.  One YouTube poster has been uploading very helpful videos.  In the first one he demonstrates how he’s able to get the exact location of the suspect in Libby’s video in relation to the setting on the Monon High Bridge using other YT videos, photographs, and Google Maps.  One thing I recommend is that you turn the sound down or off for these two.  The background music he picks for all three videos makes an already difficult topic even more unbearably creepy.  His second video shows his deduction of the placement of all three, the general terrain of the area and where they must have been on the bridge using context clues from Libby’s Snapchat pictures.

The most informative and most recent video you will need to turn the sound back on.  He has an automated voice narrating the video and no caption.  The “Crime flow” video shows what most likely would have happened from the information and evidence that is currently available to the public.

On the Web Sleuths forum someone put the two images of the suspect in a looping gif and guys…it looks like he’s turning towards the girls in the very last shot, with his hand up near his hip, or something that looks like a brown leather fanny pack…kind of like he’s preparing to draw a weapon.  Then Libby slips the phone into her pocket, still recording audio, from that point.  Police have said they have more on the recording.  They have also said they will not release any more of it, and what that means–and what the audio has captured–I shudder to think.  Whether this data was pulled straight off her phone or automatically uploaded to the cloud and downloaded from there (like, for example, the parent’s account) has also not been clarified, but for us it doesn’t need to be.  She got the evidence.

Now law enforcement has to figure out who killed them.

I’m in my early thirties.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I went to secluded parks (that were hard to find, tucked away in residential areas backing up to wilderness and probably known to very few people) or to a national park and walked the trails by myself, sometimes late in the day or right before/at dusk.  Most of the time I had no mobile phone on my person (this was before they were commonplace like they are now).  I did that all the time in my late teens-20s, usually when I needed to think over situations or just needed someplace to be alone but I would not do it now.

Here is the video of the press conference given by the Indiana State Police where they announced that Libby had recorded the suspect and released the images and the audio.  The FBI is also involved.

They have asked if anyone has seen anything suspicious, or someone who might resemble this man, or a man that they know has vanished for that period of time for an unexplained reason…a man who has been in that area and drastically changed their appearance since that time, or started displaying any out of the ordinary behavior…to contact them.

This guy has got to be found.  Someone knows who he is.


Just looking at this picture scares the hell out of me.  When this scum is captured I’m going to delete it because I don’t want his image staying on this blog.  


Tip Line: (844) 459-5786
Indiana State Police: (800) 382-7537
Carroll County Sheriff: (765) 564-2413


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