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Keeping watch; Abby and Liberty

My spring break has mostly been spent studying for my Praxis (the Speech Language Pathology licensing exam).  I took a practice exam from my study materials cold with no review and while it was okay, it was not a passing grade so I’ve got work to do.  D-Day is in less than a month and while you can take the exam as often as you like, it’s $125 a pop so I would really like to get this knocked out the first time.  Prayers and good vibes are appreciated.

I have been watching the growing pile of Maplelea expand in my room and have placed an order with my AG Rewards during Free Ship.  But today, I feel moved to post again about the double homicide in Delphi, Indiana.  Law enforcement has not released any more details of note, but as of this writing a search warrant has been issued for the property where the girls were found.

The property owner has also been recently arrested on another charge (looks like the fellow has a problem with drink and DUIs and violated the conditions of his parole) and law enforcement has said that he is not a suspect in the case.  However, this hasn’t stopped speculation and the rumor mill and I’ve already seen keyboard warriors ready to hang this man from the highest tree for the murders.  Does the search warrant mean that the property owner himself had something to do with the case?  Maybe, maybe not.  We should all be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  One thing I remember most from high school history class was my teacher asking us why we give the clearly guilty–either by confession or overwhelming evidence or both–a trial (I think Tim McVeigh was the original subject of this discussion).  We all looked at each other and shrugged.  Our teacher thumped his fist down hard on the desk.  “It is because if due process is not for everyone, then it is for no one.” That, I’ve found, is a very valuable observation.

So while the property owner where the warrant has been served may be guilty of violating his parole, he has not been charged with anything concerning the murder of the girls and for all we know the actual suspect(s) may have taken the girls onto his property to commit the crime.  We simply don’t know, and I will reserve judgement until a press release by LEO with more information surfaces.

But dang it, I want to see this case resolved.

To return attention to this case and keep it fresh in our memories, I have typed up the transcription of two speakers at the original press conference where they disclose that Libby recorded a suspect.  The first transcription is from the superintendent of the Indiana State Police, Douglas Carter.  Whatever happened to those girls…I hope it is restricted to only the jury at the trial and not released to the public.  Because just from his reaction alone, you can tell it was bad.

Words tend to escape during these periods of times…I’ve only had a couple of situations in my lifetime when I’ve had to stand before you and say that.  Why Libby?  Why Abby?  Why Delphi?  Why Carroll County?  Why the region, why the state, why even in the nation.  I say that because this is a classic example, a clear example, that evil lives amongst us.  To the family, the community, the region, the state…as leader of Indiana State Police I say…I am so…very…sorry.  Resources…it’s unlikely that any of you will ever see nor will we ever see or experience again the level of resources that are attached to this investigation.  To the media…my gosh, all I can say is is to give you my sincere thanks.  See, this isn’t like TV.  There’s a perception that this can be solved very quickly but this is a testament that, that it can’t and we need you.  We’ve needed you last week, we need you today, we need you tomorrow.  And likely we will need the media all across this nation.  So from a simple guy like me to you, I say thank you.  To those who are dressed funny like me and those who represent the law enforcement profession, please understand that we are human beings just like you.  (I can’t make out what he says here, it’s garbled) standing behind me…and I would suggest to you that every time something like this happens a little piece of us dies as well.  I also want you to understand how committed we are…as a collective one, as a collective one and we will continue.  This  has been briefed all the way up to the director of the FBI, Director Comey and Greg Massis (sp?) is going to tell you a little bit about that.  I’ve had an opportunity to speak to my boss, Governor Holcomb and tell him about this situation…and every time I do I see this look that comes over his face, just like yours and this community…and that’s…that’s the unfortunate experience…experience of evil.  We’re NOT stopping.  The poster in front of you…someone knows who this individual is.  Someone knows who this individual is.  Is it a family member?  Is it a neighbor?  Is it an acquaintance…is it an associate?  Or maybe that one guy that lives over at that one place that’s just….kind of not right.  Maybe it’s his jeans.  Maybe it’s his jacket or sweatshirt.  Maybe it’s a shirttail.  Maybe it’s his posture.  Maybe it’s the right hand in his pocket.  You see even with technology we need human intelligence–in other words, we need you.  I’m not suggesting that everything we can do with science has been done, because we’re just…getting…started.  Abby and Libby deserve us.  They deserve every single one of us.  And not just the people standing up here on the stage that have given so much of their lives to not just this, but to their profession.  Each and every one of you, each and every person listening, watching, or seeing this in some form…we need you.  Libby and Abby need you.  Please do NOT rationalize tips away….rationalize what you think might not be important away.  By thinking ‘he would never do that to another human being’…or think ‘what I know doesn’t matter’.  Let folks like the people who are standing behind me with such incredible passion and committment and dedication to their profession make that determination.  Tips are anonymous.  Some might not want to talk about it because they don’t want to get involved.  Because they know the individual.  It may be a family member.  Probably his family.  No one will ever know.  No one will ever know.  There isn’t a better agency for helping us investigate this than the FBI.  And they are entrenched in this as anybody.  No one will know.  As poor as this picture is…somebody knows.  And if you’re watching…(long pause)…we’ll find you.  Who’s next?  I hate asking that question.  I’d give my life to not have to.  But I know you’ve asked yourself that very question.  We must recognize that we see we’re all the same…we’re all human beings.  We must keep our resolve.  For Libby and Abby.  For this community.  And frankly, to insure that good trumps evil.  And it will.  You’re going to hear more in just a minute, about what we know.  Do NOT discount the voice that you will hear.  We will stay committed, with resolve very, very rarely exhibited with human behavior.  Until this conclusion…please be patient.  Become our partners, and communicate with us as often as you can.  And now from a very humble servant, the most blessed guy on the planet to represent the profession I represent…Abby and Libby…it is my hope and prayer they are now experiencing God’s promise of eternal peace.

 Another Indiana State Trooper, Captain David Bursten, takes the podium to discuss the evidence that Libby left behind on her phone.

We do have some new information for you today, it is in the form of an audio file from the cell phone that Liberty German had with her at the time.  We’re not going to play everything that we have, but Liberty had the presence of mind to turn on her video camera…again, we’re not going to be able to share everything we have with you but we want to share this audio clip with you momentarily with the hope that somebody will recognize this voice.  Now I want to be very clear that what you are about to hear is just three short words: Down the hill.  You’re going to hear this played four times.  The audio quality is not superb, but there’s enough there that somebody could recognize the person’s voice.  And as Superintendent Carter said, not to rationalize away.  If you hear this today and think ‘my god, that sounds like…fill in the blank,’ CALL US.  Make an anonymous tip.  Tell us who you think it is.  Let us investigate it.  If it’s not the right person, they’ll just be out a little bit of time and they’ll be cleared and they’ll go on and they’ll never know that you called.  But you may tell us who the right person was.  And you could be the person that helps us solve this horrible crime.  Micah, play the clip please.  (link takes you to ISP’s audio file of the voice)  So that audio clip later today will be made available on the ISP website.  There will be information on that website about the reward that is being collected now…really, money shouldn’t be the what drives somebody to help solve this, just the sense of community and wanting to help and getting this person off the street.  The image that you see of the suspect came from Liberty’s phone.  I think many of you suspected that but we weren’t prepared to discuss that at the time.  We have more video.  We’re not releasing it.  It’s germane to our investigation.  And it’s important that we spread that person’s voice far and wide.  There is somebody that will recognize who that is and will call us and tell us.  (He gives information for the tip line here):

Tip Line: (844) 459-5786
Indiana State Police: (800) 382-7537
Carroll County Sheriff: (765) 564-2413

Libby’s grandfather gave a press conference earlier last week.  Abby’s family has chosen to not address the press directly, but to release a statement through Libby’s family.

Abby’s grandparents also wrote a note to law enforcement.

“Where are the police when you need them? I have uttered these words whenever a speeding or reckless driver nearly runs me or someone else off the road. Where are the police when you need them? They are here, in Delphi, with us. We pray for your protection, and we are forever grateful for your service” – Diane & Eric (Abby’s grandparents)

One of Abby’s friends gave an interview to media where she recalls taking a tour of the high school with Abby, and they got to see information on electives and other programs that they could take next year.  They both went to the criminal justice area to check it out.

Abby told her friend that she wanted to work as a police officer, doing forensic work.

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