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Maryellen Bed and TV Console

With all the excitement of the Praxis exam I hadn’t even opened my box with the Couch and Console from Maryellen’s collection back when they had them 25% off.

They had shipped it Moron Post, so it had taken nearly a week and a half to arrive after it had been loaded on the Wells Fargo Wagon while the horses were being watered (eyeroll).  And yes, I paid $20 in shipping for this privilege.  

I’d fetched it from the post office, loaded it in the boot of my car, promptly dumped it in the doll room and forgotten about it.

After the ridiculous fiasco of getting the cornstarch noodles in the sink so I could melt them–in which every little thing I did made the mess worse and I ended up with little noodle flakes all over the first floor of my house–I finally got the pieces out.

Now I really like this couch.  Very versatile and sturdy.  Comes with two pillows, an Afghan, an autograph hound and about six yards of the long sewn in tags.

The autographs are very clearly decals affixed onto the hound, but I don’t expect a factory worker to scribble the names on with a Sharpie so no surprises there.

Bottom frame is plastic, came out with no issues.

I think everyone my age and up has lived or visited a home at some point who has had one of these.  My parents bought one in the late 70s that was the approximate weight of a Sherman tank with its metal frame, I slept on one at my grandmother’s house, and a friend in undergrad had one in her apartment that she’d gotten for free–but that’s because the “bed” part in the “hide a bed” was missing and while the couch was a gorgeous red microsuede with overstuffed cushions the missing frame was a problem; if you weren’t expecting it and didn’t sit down on the very edge of the cushion the couch would eat you and you’d need someone to pull you out.  (Good times.)

It makes me smile because my grandmother would crochet afghans just like this one (well, the AG one is knit, but you get the idea), and I’ve been trolling eBay looking for tiny crochet doll blankets for greater authenticity.  So the couch gets full marks and a high recommendation here on The Mouse Lair, especially if you can purchase it during the 25% sale.

Now, the Console.

I like the idea of it, and I love the retro styling of it, but there is a glaring fatal flaw with this piece.

To enjoy it as designed you need an iPad.  And only the full sized iPad too.  If you already have one, no harm no foul.  However, if you do not, then you’ve paid $85 (or less, if on sale) for a piece of plastic that looks like a TV set unless you buy an iPad specifically for that use (making the console more expensive than the diner).

I have an iPad mini.  I will buy lots of things I don’t need but purchasing a regular sized iPad, even used or refurbished, just to fully enjoy this console simply is not justifiable for me.

I had downloaded the app on my mini and yes, it’s loads of fun.  I even held it up in front of my TV (my real one) to record an I Love Lucy episode for testing purposes and I couldn’t wait to figure out a solution to make that mini fit in that console.  I was certain I could MacGyver a solution.

I don’t know what I was thinking, because of course the app is going to be sized to fit the screen.

Dang it.

I might have been able to fudge it with the frame of the tv on the app itself but there’s no getting around the fact you can see the edge of the mini, no matter how it’s positioned in that holder or how badly you try to shift it.

My other best bet is to print out black and white images cut and scaled to fit the opening and gluing it onto poster board to achieve the rough look; but crumbs, I really was looking forward to using that app.

Other quibbles about the console:

The encyclopedias are one piece and non removable.  Arrrrgh, would it really have been so bad to make them real books, or leave them empty so that DIY/Etsy could fill that gap?  Poo.

The fold out turntable was a bit of a letdown for me too; the tone arm does not move and the records do not play (not sure how feasible that would have been with the iPad on its frame the way it is anyway).  It’s purely for looks.

For advice about this piece–especially if you don’t already own a full sized iPad–is to wait until it goes on sale (because it will–it depends on tech that will get outdated and I’ve just bought one.  You’re welcome).  You can buy it now at 25% off to make sure you get it, or roll the dice and hang in there for steeper discounts once it gets discontinued.  But if I had to guess which big piece will get the axe from Maryellen’s collection first, my guess would be this console.


  1. Thank you for the reviews.

    I agree with you about the afghan. We have a bunch. My grammy usually did squares, but I had another relative that did the chevron like this. Still have it – bright yellow, orange, and red. LOL

    The TV is such a disappointment. Looks great but not good for everyone.


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