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June 22, 2017 AG Release

*claps hands* Right, let’s get to it.  First off, I apologize for the layout of this post–for some reason it won’t let me post photos in a mosaic, or combine the images, on mobile.  

Some of these items were also released prior to yesterday (like Z), but with graduation+job search+my mother’s passing my attention and focus (on pretty much everything) has been sporadic at best.  Figured I would cover it anyway. 

Yup, it’s a McKenna redux and while I think McK’s came with better accessories, I like the color scheme for this.  One thing–and you can’t really see it because of where the doll’s head is but this is the only one on display–is the printed brick wall with posters and such on it.  

The reason I have a problem with it is the same reason I have a problem with Tenny’s background on the stage.  It looks kind of cheap and I feel like it would be difficult to use with another character with the preprinted Gabby related images on the brick wall. (Yes, I know it’s in Gabby’s color scheme but hopefully you get what I mean.) I am glad that those who missed out on McKenna’s loft bed who just want a loft bed can have this option without resorting to the secondary market.  I am considering purchasing this but did not do so today. 

Chair, cushion, snacks.  This could be great for any modern character.

This was the first chance I got to see Z.  (And in my efforts to the the best little Canadienne I can possibly be, I keep calling her “Zed” instead of “Zee”. 

Now that AG has resolved the Permapanty Issue (THANK YOU AG SERIOUSLY) I am now open to the possibility of getting Z and her collection.  Well fleshed out characters with small yet cohesive collections sounds right up my alley right now. 

Serious props to picking such an interesting focus for her character–stop motion photography.  It seems to be popular with the older girls in the target market, and a great way to foster creativity.

I love the little goodies her desk comes with.

I love her scooter.  This scene makes me think Z and Lindsey would get on quite well.  Her photography items looked amazing in store and I did purchase those.


Boy I am glad I did not pay $70 for one of McKenna’s hamsters on the secondary market.  This is perfect in every way.  The moment I stepped into the store I shouted “WHERE IS THE HAMSTER!” and according to the employees at Kansas City this little rodent has been the star of the release.  Yes.  Yes.  Buy the hamster.  You know you want to.  Do it.

The hot lunch looks fine.  Everyone loves tacos.

School accessories.  I passed on both of these.  I don’t really have anything for school scenes.  After as long as I’ve been in college I need a break from school y’all.

New desk.  Passed on this for the same reason.  Chair is attached to desk, so it’s one unit.

One of the dolls without hair was on the display floor.  Yay!

Tenney’s new outfit.  Remember when I was annoyed at the last sequin looking top that had the sequins screened on?  No worries here.  Real sequins.

Very modern.  Reminds me of a city skyline.  I can get on board with this.

Logan’s is nice as well.  The KC store was limiting purchases of Logan and Wellie Wishers to three dolls per person.

The sequin dress is also sleeveless.

The adorable new pet!

The biggest letdown for me was the Grand Hotel.  This will have to go on sale at some point; I would not pay retail plus all the extras for it.  I get that they wanted to make a modern playset (kind of the same idea as  Julie’s bathroom) but the cost cutting corners are what sinks it for me.

Friends, the furniture is made of the lightest, cheapest plastic I’ve touched in quite some time.  It is cheap.  I would hazard a guess and say sub-OG quality. 

The dresser is the same kind of plastic.  I love all the goodies on top of it but come on.  The drawers open and shut. 

Tasty goodies, the bell does ring.

Contents of the guest info folder.  This is a nice touch.

I like the room service set–even with the plastic tray–but the dome being plastic and not metal bothers me.  Aluminum is soft, but it is cheap, and you can get it in heavier and thicker weights.  Why not do that for this?  Ugh.  The dome is such a good idea in theory. 

Yes.  I love the phone.  I would buy this off eBay, from another collector, or try to wheedle it out of AG as a replacement part (“uhhhh….my dachshund ate it”).  Endtable is plastic thought.  Dang it…

The thing that drives me bananas about the grand hotel is that whoever is in charge of stocking/designing the accessories did a great job and whoever was in charge of the furniture dropped the ball IMO.

The other side didn’t wow me that much and that’s compounded by the fact that all the things displayed on that side are packs you have to pay extra for.

….such as.  The suitcase and pillow is seperate, and much to my annoyance and chagrin…

The adorable little coconut in the bellboy costume is only available with the $50 luggage cart set!  

That’s all you get.  I am no business or marketing person but I am thinking this will have to go on sale at some point because I just can’t see it moving at that cost.  

One more picture of Coconut the Bellhop.  Can’t resist that either.

Suitcase set.  If you missed Grace’s you get a second shot in a different color scheme.  Travel dress looks fine but I didn’t think to touch and evaluate the fabric at the time because my husband showed up and started trying to shoo me out. 

So I think that AG is listening and giving us stuff we want to buy–I am very encouraged about the Permapanty reversal, the real sequins on Tenney’s dress and the hamster, for example.  

The hotel is a great idea but suffers greatly in execution.  I can’t see that moving for full retail, friends, I really can’t.  I certainly would not buy it at full cost.  And even if I DO buy the luggage cart to get that coconut, what the heck am I going to do with the cart?  How can that be repurposed?  A rolling clothing rack for Isabelle’s sewing studio, maybe?  I have no idea.  But having the hotel at its cost PLUS having to buy other packs to get the full effect makes this a swing and a miss for me.  

I bought Z’s filming equipment, the hamster, and Tenney’s new dress.  I am intrigued by Z.  Lots of things to think about.

I’m going to hurry up and post this before we get to Deepest Darkest Kansas and I lose cell signal.  As always, thanks for tuning in and I’d be interested to know what you all think of these new items.  


  1. I really appreciate your post.. I have been wondering what the items were like in person. The hotel furniture you describe makes me think of Barbie furniture. Hope it is stronger than that… the napkin ring and vase also remind me of Barbie.
    Why do you think there is a limit on Wellies?


    • Thanks friend! I have no idea why they would put a limit on the WW–Logan made sense. I guess this means they are moving really well? I’m not sure. No one was in their section but it was 5:30 on a Friday so there weren’t a lot of people there at all. I was the only one buying things.

      I really don’t mean to keep dumping on AG but TBH my Barbie pink furniture from the late 80s/early 90s was more solid than that stuff. (I hear Barbie playline quality has really gone downhill since then–that was 25 years ago.) I think I’m just disappointed that this was such a good idea and then one mistake sinks the whole thing. Like when a football player catches a Hail Mary pass and then immediately fumbles. You’re on their side but you really can’t make those kinds of mistakes.

      Not to mention if you don’t buy the luggage and rack sets there’s one whole side of the hotel you can’t really use. I know children can pretend just about anything but that just occurred to me. If I pay $275 for a set then I better be able to use the whole thing without having to resort to a home bodge job to get the full value/effect. The value for money problem is a big issue with me and that set would have to come down in price a LOT for me to consider it.


  2. Do you think we will get a pizzaria? I note with the card for room service that’s the only thing that doesn’t exist. 🍕


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  4. Thank you so much for your honest review! I thought the Grand Hotel set looked adorable, but I was concerned about the quality and from what you have said, there is no way it is worth even close to what they are charging. I’ll go back to my original idea of trying to make my own. Seriously, exactly how much play would you really get out of this over time, especially the front desk part of it?


    • Thank you for reading! I try to give an objective viewpoint on each item I purchase or at least closely observe in store. The front desk part really got me too. If I was a parent, never mind just a collector, we better be able to get some mileage out of a $275 playset.

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  5. Thank you for the awesome review of the grand hotel and furnishings. I thought it was cute until I noticed the headboard, then the only thing that caught my eye was the room service tray…I still like the room service tray. 🙂


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