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Z’s Filming Accessories


Initially I thought I was going to pass up Z Yang but the more I read about her and see her “capsule collection” the more I am intrigued.  Her filming accessories ($28) could be used for any modern, so I picked them up on Friday.


The iPhone gets full marks for accuracy, and I really like it.  However, when I went to test the strap on the back to see how easy the dolls could hold it, I picked up Logan first.  I had temporarily forgotten about his different hand molds and I had real difficulty finding a way to get him to hold the thing.

The only way I could get it to work was to have him holding it on the outside of his left hand.  On Claire (a TM eyeswap with the standard hands) however, it was easier.

She was able to hold it correctly just fine in either hand.  This doesn’t bother me because I’d rather have the instrument-holding hands even if it means they can’t hold the iPhone.  Everyone knows you shouldn’t be texting during rehearsal anyway! 🙂

Click on the mosaic pictures for full scale.  The little C clamp-ish looking piece snaps on to the top of the tripod.  This is worlds and away better made that the telescope tripod from Queen’s Treasures that I ripped apart on this post here.  The legs on the tripod are a little spongy-like when you open them, but I suppose that’s to give them a bit more flexibility during play and not so easy to snap off.  You can definitely set this down on any furniture without it scratching, unlike the Queen’s Treasures one.  You slide the iPhone into the C of the clamp and it holds it in place.

You get a total of six cards that you can place in between the iPhone and the clamp will hold it in place.  I had to be careful putting it on though.  If I wanted to have the screen on the phone for hand held use, I’d need a pinhead sized dot of thumb tack or some kind of adhesive goo that you can reuse.


The story of my life…

The camera is larger than the Canon USB lookalike that I use with Lea, and worlds away better than the Queen’s Treasures one (link to same post as above).  The lens doesn’t spin to focus or come off, which is fine.  Normal sized lens caps are easy enough to lose.  You aren’t going to be able to get the strap over the doll’s head–there is a tiny buttonhole on each side that you have to remove the strap end from, then you can attach it around the doll’s neck.  I think this is great–the doll can wear the camera and it’s not hanging down around her hips or her knees.

Please note in the image above I wasn’t paying attention–the entire hook goes through the buttonhole, not just the end.  But hey, even that way it still works.

The camcorder was another piece that I was really excited to get my hands on.  The viewfinder comes open, a great touch, along with a red recording light.  If you want to get super creative and realistic I could see sizing and printing images for the viewfinder and fixing them to the surface.

Logan had the same sort of issues with holding the camcorder.  I don’t think I could get it to hold properly in his left hand at all.  Honestly, I can’t see this being much of a big deal during imaginative play when the camcorder is probably going to be held to the doll’s eye.  This doesn’t necessarily bother me regarding accuracy, but still thought I would mention it.  If you are a collector/photographer and it really bugs you, get some of those little clear Goody hair elastics for kids and use that to hold it to the doll’s hand.

Claire, with the classic hands, holding the camcorder.


Some sort of nylon blend for the backpack, perhaps?  It is textured and feels like real backpack fabric so thumbs up to AG from me for that detail.  The Z and decoration on the flap are silkscreened on.  I tried to scratch them with my thumb and they didn’t shift or wear.  The ties are held down with velcro, but they still put metallic buckles on the straps anyway for looks.  The bottom of the straps on the backside also have thick, heavy metal buckles that you use to resize the straps to make them larger/smaller, just like the real thing.  Thank you for attention to detail American Girl!  Please keep doing it!

I didn’t have any problems getting the straps over the arms and getting the doll to wear the backpack, even when fully loaded.  You can put all of the filming equipment in the bag, except for the camera–which is no big deal since it has that neck strap.


This accessory set is worth getting excited about and has made me sit up and pay attention to Z and her collection.  Even if you don’t get Z, this is a great set for the price for any modern doll.

EDIT: I was scrolling this post on my iPhone after it had posted and saw that none of the slideshows could be seen because of a lack of JavaScript.  I have changed all the slideshows to tiled mosaics; if you click on one image it should pop up at a larger size.

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