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Class Pet Hamster

For my favorite of the new release….the hamster.

Not Richard Hammond, but this hamster:


I am sincerely very sorry–for real, no snark or sarcasm here–for everyone who paid $50-$70 for the hamster from McKenna’s Loft Bed Set, and I am also very glad that I did not do that.  I sure hope this means that someone from AG is watching the secondary market and the various discussion forums to see what hot items to break out of larger sets like McK’s Loft to offer as stand alone packs.

I was also seriously stoked to see that hamster set.  I had completely forgotten about the new releases and I was so happy to finally be excited about something released by AG again.  For $24 you get the cage, wheel, hamster, food dish, water bottle, and booklet on hamster care.  The bedding chips are fixed to the cage itself, the other pieces are removable.


The wheel does spin, and stands freely easily.  The hamster also fits easily inside the wheel.

The hamster has that soft flocking like fuzz on its surface; plastic underneath.  The eyes are clearly marked.  I tried to rub the flocking off but it stayed; I did not try to scratch any off.  Realistic color for a class hamster.

I could see a part of the seam on one side of him, but that doesn’t really bother me.  Paws are also colored.

I have a bad feeling that this accessory set might get some kids starting a campaign for a real hamster.  At least they have this booklet on the care and feeding of the little rodents.  Information is accurate; might be presented at a reading level below the typical target market but this is probably just a space limitation/restriction of the layout more than anything else.

Watermarked14(2017-06-29-1848)The plastic for the lid feels solid to my touch and to have a bit of give to it.  Sure wish the furniture for the grand hotel, if it had to be plastic, had this weight.  It fits easily on the top of the cage.


Dish of pellets, also accurate.  Probably could be used for any pet.  Points for versatility.

The cage.  I certainly don’t expect them to make loose shavings for the cage.  At first glance I thought the bottle was fixed to the cage wall as well, then thought I’d better double back and take another look.  I’m glad I did that, because the bottle DOES come off the cage.


It’s fixed very snugly in, I had to kind of give it some force and push on the ends of the C looking end to get it off.  The ring does slide off the bottle as well.

Very realistic and very detailed, I feel like this set is worth the $24.  According to the employees at AG Kansas City the hamster was the star of the show–everyone who was coming in to buy wanted one of the hamster sets.  Wait until free shipping if you have to, but yes, if you want to get it you should.  I am SO GLAD that they didn’t make the cage with ALL of the little pieces fixed/molded to the floor of the cage–that would have been absolutely unbearable.  But they got this one right, so thanks AG!


  1. Melangell says

    I adore this hamster and was so glad that AG separated it from McKennas Loft. Now, if they’d only get a clue and produce some of the books that have appeared in bundles,separately.

    This was the only thing I bought from this release and from any release in awhile. It was a must have. I didn’t know the water bottle came off. I must go play with mine some more!


  2. I appreciate your detailed review. I have a good sense of how tiny that hamster is! It’s great to have some different pets. We have Nutmeg, Tutu, and Rembrandt. The bunny’s basket is to die for.


  3. Thank you for this close look at the hamster. It is definitely on my wish list for this set of releases.


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