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Disillusion, or Depression? Your guess is as good as mine.

Like all well made plans, my promise to update this blog more often once I got out of grad school fell completely off the face of the earth once my mother died in May, which was expected (ALS) but then five months later in October my grandmother also died, which was unexpected.

I am glad that I graduated with my masters, my curling team won another league championship, and I landed my dream job because other than that 2017 didn’t have much going for it.

Grandma hadn’t been dead two weeks before the farmhouse got broken into twice. The first time a TV was stolen, the second time the house was completely ransacked. I still don’t know what all was taken. But my father had to go deal with the aftermath of that too, paying for and installing a security system, filling out police reports, cleaning up the mess and replacing broken windows…

Then my husband wrecked his car three days after my grandmother’s death. Thanks be to God that no one was killed or injured as a result of the accident. The car was a gift from his late father; it was also totaled.

So that’s how we sailed into the holiday season. For the first time since my husband and I have been dating (seven years), I got to see my dad on Christmas Day since we hosted my family at our house for the first time ever; we’ve always spent the holidays with my husband’s family. This ruffled some feathers but may I present my general reaction to that:

My father isn’t getting the short end of the stick ever ever bloody again. Hill to die on, right here.

So after the winter break that wasn’t much of a break at all, I finally sat down and looked at Luciana’s collection a week into the new year.

My general attention to AG has waned. I am not sure if my disinterest is temporary (a result of depression from the fact we can’t seem to go a few months without some sort of catastrophe), or permanent. I don’t think that I am an example of a normal AG consumer by any means, but I used to be what I would think any company would want in a customer. Excited about their product. Ready to spend money on said product. Passionate and ready to write about and connect with others over said product. I don’t know about you, but I’m always more tuned in and spend more on products that have a well established and active fan base.

I had the nostalgia factor, as part of the Pleasant Company generation that grew up with these dolls. Happy memories.

I have a niece to buy for, so I’m not just shopping for me, I’m buying for target market aged girls.

AG, you had me 100% even into adulthood.

But the continued cost cutting is wearing me down. How many reasons do I have left to keep expanding my collection and keep buying dolls? Especially with the Permapanties fiasco, which I’m thinking was really just an opening salvo in their quest to cut costs.

I was all ready to tip my hat to AG for the reversal of the permapanty, but then…

Even though I took a step back from the hobby during all my family issues I had someone who was keeping me familiar with all the latest doll developments.

So I heard about the change in stringing the joints.

I heard about the squishy vinyl and how you can squeeze a head flat with no trouble at all.

I heard about the Create Your Own fiasco, from stock back orders to quality control.

I also heard about the switch to a cheaper eye mechanism. Now I’m terrified to send any of my old GOTY to the doll hospital.

I don’t hold any illusions that AG reads this or even cares about what I have to say. But just in case they are here, I’d like to say this:

I want to spend money on luxury brands, experiences, things that make me happy. But all this quality cutting (crooked wigs on $200 Create Your Own? Are you serious?) and characteristics that look more at home on an Our Generation doll (the eye posts) has made me ask:

Why should I buy any dolls from you?

It drives me bananas because you guys really slammed it out of the park with Luciana’s collection. I want to be thrilled about a STEM collection. I have been harassing you guys to make a Saturn V rocket for years. But I’m not buying the doll because of the eye and joint quality cuts and since you already have me suspicious I’m worried about the quality of other pieces.

Add into it the fact that you just can’t acknowledge free shipping after a certain price point on an everyday basis is what I expect in the age of Amazon–and you’re going to charge me to ship packages to my house for a journey that will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks–

Why should I buy from you?

When I see other collectors get 20% off coupons and I don’t, why should I buy from you? Shoppers have the internet now. We talk.

More and more of my posts that are AG themed question my intention to buy in the future. You’ve got me with the STEM collection but I’m not buying the doll. I can probably keep this blog going for years on items I’ve already bought in my house that I’ve never even opened, provided I don’t change the focus of it entirely.

Not quite sure what to do here, AG. Your move.


  1. I hadn’t heard about the eye change or the crooked wigs. (heavy sigh) That is just unacceptable with a $115 – $200 purchase.

    Your comment about “age of Amazon” made me curious. You can get a lot of the AG current catalog there with free shipping in two days with Prime. That stinks.

    With Luciana, I think they are trying to boost participation in the AG Rewards program by offering her space suit to rewards members only. Think of the boost they’d get if rewards members received free shipping on all purchases (no minimum or minimum of $25 purchase). I think it would skyrocket.


    • I thought they were headed in a good direction with the early sales access—I think you’re right. Hook up free shipping as a perk and they’d get so much more participation in the program itself and sales overall.

      The part that gets under my skin is I’m paying for this shipping, and it can take up to two weeks to get to my house in a major Midwest urban area. There’s no reason for that.


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