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Since I live in an area of town where mailboxes get looted frequently I have a P.O. box. My husband runs a small business and clients pay him with paper checks that get mailed. The amounts can be quite large so any of them coming up missing would really ruin my day (and budget). Once an AG package got stolen off my front porch (hope you enjoyed the Addy collection, fool) I started having all my parcels delivered at the post office when possible. I had been meaning to do this for awhile but had forgotten or put it off and having a $250 order stolen off your front door is a wake up call.

With AG this was a little odd. On the same phone call to CS where I reported the stolen package, I asked the rep if I could put a P.O. box address in as my primary so this wouldn’t happen again. She said yes and did so. On the first delivery to the P.O. box they didn’t send me a tracking number. I call them. The rep tells me that they don’t assign tracking numbers to packages delivered to P.O. boxes.

This makes zero sense. “So how do I know you even sent the package?” I asked her suspiciously. She still swore there was nothing that could be done. The package eventually showed up (I never did get a tracking number) and every delivery that has been sent to the P.O. box since then has had tracking, so I have no idea what happened there.

Any large item shipped FedEx two day like Grace’s Bakery wasn’t able to be delivered to the post office so I’ve had to arrange someone to be home to accept the delivery. I didn’t want a parcel the size of the Exxon Valdez sitting out on my front porch all day unattended. So the last delivery to the actual house was October of 2015. All other deliveries have been made to the post office.

I still get AG catalogs at both addresses though. The top catalog is the one that was sent to the P.O. box and the bottom is the one that was sent to the house.

The P.O. box catalog is also addressed to me by name and the house catalog is addressed to “(my surname) Family”. Not sure if that has any significance but it is a difference.

I’ve never gotten one of the elusive 20% off coupons; this is the first. Since I used it to buy the Mars Habitat and it had to be shipped to the house, it’ll probably be another 2-3 years before I see another one. Annoying to be sure but at least I got the one. Until then, for future orders I will wait for free shipping.

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