Doll Reviews

Clicking on the item name will take you to the post that reviews it. 

American Girl

Grace’s Bakery Outfit (2015 GOTY)

Grace’s Baking Set (2015 GOTY)

Grace’s French Dessert Set (In Store Exclusive, 2015 GOTY)

Jip (Beforever)

Kaya’s Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit, 2015 Limited Edition

Kit’s Radio Set

Logan Everett

Rebecca’s Bedtime Accessories  

Tenney Grant

Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit

Z’s Filming Accessories 

American Girl: Truly Me

Class Pet Hamster 


Amazing Amauti (Saila)

Crochet Coordinates (Léonie)


Nunavut Now (Saila)

Pang Hat (Saila)

Pioneer Quebecois (Léonie)



Our Generation

Around the Campfire Accessory Set

Barn Dance Accessory Set

Car Wash Accessory Set

Explorers Accessory Set

Ice Cream Truck

In the Driver’s Seat Retro Cruiser

Lori Ballet Studio

Luau Accessory Set

Way to Grow Accessory Set


The Queen’s Treasures

Gombe Rainforest Table and Chair

Gombe Rainforest Research Set 





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