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Since I live in an area of town where mailboxes get looted frequently I have a P.O. box. My husband runs a small business and clients pay him with paper checks that get mailed. The amounts can be quite large so any of them coming up missing would really ruin my day (and budget). Once an AG package got stolen off my front porch (hope you enjoyed the Addy collection, fool) I started having all my parcels delivered at the post office when possible. I had been meaning to do this for awhile but had forgotten or put it off and having a $250 order stolen off your front door is a wake up call.

Disillusion, or Depression? Your guess is as good as mine.

Like all well made plans, my promise to update this blog more often once I got out of grad school fell completely off the face of the earth once my mother died in May, which was expected (ALS) but then five months later in October my grandmother also died, which was unexpected. I am glad that I graduated with my masters, my curling team won another league championship, and I landed my dream job because other than that 2017 didn’t have much going for it.

June 22, 2017 AG Release

*claps hands* Right, let’s get to it.  First off, I apologize for the layout of this post–for some reason it won’t let me post photos in a mosaic, or combine the images, on mobile. Some of these items were also released prior to yesterday (like Z), but with graduation+job search+my mother’s passing my attention and focus (on pretty much everything) has been sporadic at best.  Figured I would cover it anyway. 

Tenney and Logan, Unboxed

I had originally planned to get both Tenney and Logan at Kansas City on the Saturday of their release, but reports of Logan flying off the shelves on Friday gave me pause.  Hearing that this first batch were the only dolls guaranteed to not come with permapanties made me panic.  Surely there will still be enough Tenney, I thought, and contacted my Personal Shopper at AG Chicago to pick out and ship me a Logan.  I consider the shipping I paid for him a “peace of mind” fee, especially since my PS said she was sure they would sell out of Logan on Saturday at her location.

Tenney: A Kansas City Report

“Oh God,” I moaned while holding my stomach, “I think I’m going to die.” “I never want to see food again,” said my husband, Forehead.  “I hate myself.” We were lying flat on our backs on a bed in an IKEA room display.  After my visit to American Girl we’d gone to Jack Stacks for lunch, as is our custom for Kansas City day trips, and we’d both eaten way too much of the best barbeque Kansas City had to offer (also as is our custom).  I’d wanted to stop by IKEA to get some new linens to redecorate our guest bedroom, but the drowsiness was already setting in, we were both waddling as we walked into the store as a result of our gluttony and when we saw that particular display apartment with furniture (“only 680 square feet!”) we thought, “surely we will feel better if we lie down for a little bit.”  Let things redistribute.  Rest and digest.  But this was a tragic error because once we’d laid down, we didn’t want to …

Thoughts on Pantygate

Well, that is a title I never thought I would have to type.  The fact I have to provide chapter links for friends just showing up to the party is mind boggling to me as well. Pantygate Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV After a few days to mull over Pantygate, I have decided that I do not want this recent development to completely spoil my weekend trip to KC for Tenney’s release, something I have been looking forward to for a long time; I am still planning to purchase Tenney and maybe Logan (I keep waffling on him) because I have been assured by multiple sources that they won’t have the permapanty/Ace Ventura backside.  Since Pantygate blew up, I do not feel comfortable purchasing more at this time. I would like to quietly inspect the merchandise at AGKC and speak with employees there to do my own little data collection as to the state of the quality with the products on the shelves at that store, at that time I am going to …

Video Proof.  

American Girl owes this customer an apology. I’ve tried three times to post this on their FB page and it won’t allow me to make this a standalone post.  I can still attach it as a comment however.   I’m at work and can’t spam this more, so it’s up to y’all to share the heck out of this. 

Permapanties, Part III

  Part II of Pantygate. Part I.   Note: I got really fired up about this when this post originally was made.  Usually I don’t blog whenever I get that worked up over something (I’ve learned the hard way I need to sit down and think about it before I start running my mouth) and after having an hour to sit on it, I toned down the language and altered the post slightly.  I was prepared to write off AG completely, but after talking to calmer heads I’ve decided a more prudent course of action is to continue to wait and see how the situation unfolds.  There are still many issues I have a problem with; and  I am watching closely to see what happens.

Permapanty Nonsense, Cont.

Keeping this short because I’m going to start rounds soon: One AGPT poster has experience in pattern drafting and says the problem is what happens when you eliminate the horizontal seam–which is a dart–in order to save fabric.  Thus: So if it’s a construction change, they are all like that. AG CEO stated in an interview that she wanted to increase access to get dolls closer to more girls, which means more selling at wholesale to places like Kohls, TRU, etc.  so now they have to figure out how to get more profitability off selling a doll at wholesale.  I guess we see the results here. This whole fiasco has left me with such a bad taste that I’m thinking maybe Tenney.  No Logan, and no new Felicity.  The only reason I’m jumping on Tenney right now is because the first run has been stated by AG to not have the permapanties (but who knows how accurate that is).  How annoying to plan a special trip to AGKC and not even know if I’m going to …