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Maplelea restocked on US Amazon!

There are 4 Saila and Léonie each, and there were 4 Charlsea but then I bought one.  Oops.  Funny how they just jump in your cart like that.  (In my defense, I used my Amazon Visa rewards points which brought the total for Charlsea down to $52.  And only God knows when she’ll get stocked again.) Outfits have restocked too, including some new releases.  Check it out!  

Maplelea: Léonie

After an extended trip in Canada, in a fit of homesickness for my adopted country I ordered Léonie from Amazon. I would have purchased her in Canada and picked her up directly from the warehouse in Newmarket, but my baggage space was at a severe premium. Before I left, I put Saila’s box in my suitcase to see if it would fit and it did—but I would have to forget about packing any other souvenirs, or even bringing clothes.