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Our Generation Ice Cream Truck

My husband, Forehead, and I left town for Christmas.  We weren’t gone long–barely even two full days–but it was long enough for something bad to happen.  On the day we headed back home, it had begun to rain and continued to do so all day and into the night.  When we got back, there was a massive leak in the ceiling in the doll room, and I shrieked for my husband to come help me move everything out of the way.  He came crashing down the stairs because he thought I was having another heart attack, but it was much worse than that–both of my big ticket items were sitting right under that leak.  (Grace’s French Bakery and Caroline’s Parlor.)  The Parlor didn’t get any water damage but the Bakery did, and I was so crushed that after everything had been moved and the water mopped up I just slumped over in the floor and cried.  The damage to the Bakery was very slight and it could have been a LOT worse–you really can’t see …

Lori by Our Generation

I have to admit, when American Girl debuted the mini dolls and people would talk on the forums about their minis, I didn’t understand what the big deal was and thought the whole thing a little odd.  I simply did not see what was so interesting about them and thought it was downright weird, but I don’t have much leeway to judge someone else for a strange hobby.  Glass houses, et cetera. So when I started hearing gossip about a new line by Our Generation for minis, I was not very interested at first.  The mini fans, however, were over the moon and the topic kept getting discussed.  And then when I started seeing pictures and discussions of price points, I was intrigued.  Intrigued enough to check it out and ignore the tiny voice screaming in the back of my head that I can’t afford (in space or money) to invest in yet another doll line.

Our Generation Way to Grow Set (or, The Gnome Set)

Summer. In my little area of the world, it’s always a gamble trying to guess when things will go from “hot” to “absolutely unbearable”.  We have crossed that line within the past week.  I have cardiovascular problems and ever since I had my heart attacks, I start having real issues whenever the weather hits the triple digits.  I realize everyone gets uncomfortable in the heat, but I get sapped of strength and energy pretty fast and if I don’t watch it, I’ll be bedridden for the next several days.  If I don’t have to be at work or at the clinic, the hours of noon until around four are spent inside usually curled up with a good book, with the air conditioner on blast and the outside soundtrack of cicadas on an endless loop.  I do have to say, there is something to the concept of an afternoon siesta. My husband, Forehead, was out of town for the weekend and after spending Friday night left to my own devices and watching home decorating shows (always …

The Car Repaint Project, Part I

I’ll get straight to the point–I like Julie’s Bug. I do not like the full retail price. I realize that it’s gone on sale several times–but even at $175 (Cyber Monday 2014 price) I couldn’t pull the trigger…especially since Caroline’s Parlor was on sale for $150.  I couldn’t justify buying them both, and picked the Parlor instead.  I wouldn’t mind catching it on sale one more time…but be that as it may… Then my fellow friends on the doll boards starting talking about the Our Generation larger pieces–and one of them is a roadster for 18 inch dolls.  I was intrigued, and when my Target app said my local SuperTarget finally had one in stock I went to go check it out, and I LOVED it.